Nurse Ocean

I have Covid. Now, my lovely, gentle reader, do not fret. I am healing and doing alright mostly because my genes are like those in weeds and will not die no matter what, also because I have every vaccine available to humankind in my body and finally, because I have a lovely nurse called Ocean by my side.

Nurse Ocean at the ready

My nurse is quite vigilant and takes excellent care of me. She is always by my side, ready to poke her little wet nose at me or entrance me with her doggie breath. She even insists on my coming outside with her from time to time to get some fresh air.

When was the last time you were walked?

She does have other duties that keep her busy but she always has time for me.

A very busy nurse
Her days are packed

I work with the public, that’s where I got Covid, but I am home. I cannot return to work because the public, having once gotten rid of their Covid virus, do not want it back. So, I am home under the excellent care of my hairy, fluffy nurse who insists on sleeping with me at night.

She’s so dedicated