If we were having coffee

(credit:Church Designer Magazine)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that our house is finally getting a make over. The crack in the ceiling that has been there for months and months, is finally getting fixed.

This is what it looks like now.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that, inspired by a show on TV about working dogs, I tried to ‘train’ mine by using treats and hiding them in our basement. To say it was an absolute disaster is to minimize the mess that ensued. Both dogs found the same treat, there was a dog fight, treats left in places forgotten and a very exhausted owner by the end of it.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that hubby has his friend Shane over and nothing is safe in the house. The TV, the dehumidifier and the ceiling crack are only some of the things they have put their little paws on. As a result, the TV now faces a completely different direction, there is a broken dehumidifier in our garage and the ceiling crack is newly painted. When those two get together, nothing works the way it’s supposed to.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you how your week went. How are things on your end? How is work? Are you having a good weekend?

Thanks so much for reading, lovely reader! Here’s hoping that you had a wonderful week. And a huge thanks to Eclectic Alli for hosting our coffee share.

Bathroom reno: update

Well, a few weeks ago now, my hubby and his lovely friend Shane started destroying renovating our bathroom. As a result we ended up without a shower for days…then got a leaking shower and finally now have a shower that works.

The thing is, my hubby had such a great time renovating, he and Shane decided to continue and demolish our toilet and bath as well. (insert long sigh here).

I won’t comment on what life is like if you do not have a working toilet. I don’t think I need to explain. Suffice it to say that I am really glad we now have a brand new one that works.

Stil, things aren’t all perfect in our bathroom.

This is supposed to be for our bath…it’s missing right now.

Yeap. We don’t have a bath. Apparently, hubby and Co. are going to install it next Wednesday…

If we were having coffee

(credit:Church Designer Magazine)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you this week has been a mix of hectic, chaotic and lovely. My hubby and his best friend Shane took down our shower and put a new one back up. The project didn’t happen without chaos and more than one panicky moment where we believed we’d never shower again. Still, we now have a new shower and though it leaks and the shower head and the controls are on different walls, it works and that’s all we care about.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that the sunshine here has been nothing short of glorious. Never mind the fact that you need layers and layers to enjoy said sunshine, it’s here and I’ve never received a gift with more joy.

Finally, if we were having coffee, I’d ramble on about how much I’m enjoying mine. Sure, tomorrow, I’m going back to work and it’s looking pretty gloomy outside right now. But such petty concerns fade under the scent of a lovely cup of coffee. Isn’t it just a wonderful morning drink?

A huge thanks to  Eclectic Alli for hosing Coffee Share and to you, my lovely reader, for reading!



What started out as an innocent, male-bonding exercise has changed into a major bathroom reno. Hubby and his bestie, Shane had no qualms about tearing our shower apart and they didn’t think adding the bathtub and floor into their plans was a big deal.

I beg to differ.

Day 3 and that’s what we have instead of a shower

They also have, for reasons known only to their brains, decided that the shower head and the shower controls need to be in different walls of the shower. When asked for an explanation, their answer was both vague and confusing, involving words like air ducts, joist beams and electrical work. I, however, managed to understand.

They’re crazy.

After two days of hammering, nailing, sawing, banging and only the gods know what else the only thing we have to show for all that noise is a dust-covered construction area too dangerous for anyone to walk through without protective gear.


The only ones unaffected by the sudden and untimely death of our bathroom are our pooches. They’re delighted with their walks and unperturbed about the length of this male-bonding exercise.

Meanwhile, I dream about having a long, hot shower.


Oh oh

My hubby has a friend called Shane. They hang out and try to get into as much trouble as possible without actually killing each other. One time, they were up on the roof shovelling the snow. Another, they tried to get rid of a wasp nest by blowing it up.


This time, their victim was our bathroom.

They were sure they could make our bathroom magazine-ready. They were sure they could take out the old shower through the door. They were sure they would be done in one day.

Bets were made.

But, a day later, the only thing I know for sure is that I can’t take a shower.

Mosquito wars

My lovely hubby was going on a holiday. His plane was leaving at some crazy hour in the morning so he woke me at 2am to say goodbye and not disrupt me. I smiled blissfully inside the cocoon of warmth of my bed and thought: he’s so nice. Trying not to disrupt my sleep.

Not two seconds later, the banging started.

Apparently, Lovely Hubby had opened the door with the light on (something you never do in the country) and about a gazillion tiny mosquitoes had come inside the house. In order to fully celebrate the apparent sun they had discovered in the middle of the night, they had invited their friends and now there was a swarm of ridiculous size inside the house. Lovely Hubby was trying to get them with a cloth and having as much effect as …well no effect.

Cursing at all Brits and him in particular, I got up to help him. And there were were, at 3 am, swinging kitchen cloths, trying to kill the little bugs but mostly just hitting each other.

We tried putting the porch light on and opening the door hoping to lure them out.

Bad idea number two.

The light only called more of them from the surrounding areas and our porch disappeared under the sheer number of bodies. Instead of throwing the inside ones out, we got another wave of fresh flying bugs inside the house.

In desperation, my hubby got the mosquito repellant and sprayed every inch of the house.

By then, Shane, his trusty friend, had arrived at our mosquito mecca and hubby had to go. So, there I was, at 3:30 in the morning, with the stench of bug repellant everywhere in the house and a million mosquitoes buzzing around my head.

Hubby texted not long after. He was at the flight gate, enjoying an early cup of coffee, already relaxing into his holiday.

Fifty shades of blue

Since we’ve moved homes, we had to redo the kitchen. We did have a perfectly functioning kitchen but Hubby wasn’t happy with it. Our last home reno unleashed the inner decorator in him and the kitchen had to change.

(credit: wikipedia.org)

(credit: wikipedia.org)

New counters, appliances and backsplashes later, we’re still ‘fixing’ the place. And by we I mean Shane, a lovely, very, very patient, handy man who listens to my hubby’s ideas and tries to bring them into the realm of reality.

We’ve got the counters on, backsplash done and appliances in. Last week, Shane started to paint.

We had selected a colour back in the summer. We took tons of samples, moved them here and there and everywhere and compared them under every light imaginable. We eyed them with careful eyes looking for any hints of an undesirable shade and discarded accordingly. Finally, there were only two…and then, incredibly, only one. Shane took it to the paint store, got gallons of the stuff and slapped it on the walls.

Paint colour is a lot like monkeys, neither can be trusted. I’ve seen innocent shades of white turn to pink once applied to a wall. Instead of the lovely, foggy shade of white we had envisioned, our walls came out a light, Easter egg blue that made us cringe.

Desperate to fix things, Hubby came up with his the idea of an ‘accent wall’ and dragged the hapless Shane with him to the store to consult with the paint rep. The paint rep being only fourteen, they turned to the internet. Between them and Google, they came back to the house with gallons of a darkish grey-blue.

When I came home, delighted with the fact that it was Friday and we had power, I found that my house had transformed into a multi-shades of blue. Since the walls curve in different angles, the sun changed the hue on the wall until they looked like different colours. The result is that walking into our home is a lot like going to Sea World…only with dogs instead of whales.

Thing is, we still have to paint the bedrooms…and Hubby, never one to fear colour, has decided the shade of the moment is no longer blue but green.

Hubby did know he had out done things because after Shane departed he asked, ‘are you going to post this?’

I told him definitely not.