That inner critic

That inner critic is quite the beast. It’ll take a glowing review and whisper doubt into your mind. “Maybe they were just being nice. Maybe they just wanted to give a good review to increase their blog ratings. Maybe…

Like most writers, I too suffer from that inner critic. I’ve doubted my writing and wondered what the heck I was doing trying to complete a book, trying to compete with professionals, trying to compete with those who have editors, agents and a team of other professionals at their side.

One of the solutions for that nasty inner critic is to find intrinsic motivation. Easier said than done.

I read this post by Judy Mollen Walters and found not only a connection but solace.

“…even after you’ve “made it,” even after you’ve reached bestseller status or people clamor to have you speak at their events, you continue to have that pesky fragility. You still wonder: Is this book—my first or third or tenth—is it really, truly good enough? And sometimes you let it slip—like these authors did, the way they did—that you are really insecure, like everyone else.”

That made me feel better because if the ‘Greats’ can self-doubt, then I’m not that far off base.

And I’d like to echo Ms. Walters’ lovely parting message:

“So to all authors I say: Be kind to yourselves. Keep going. Ignore your writer fragile ego as best you can. Find people to validate you. Find happiness in the small moments when the writing seems on target. And believe.”


Top 5 posts in February

These are the top posts in February according to you!

5. Of mushy peas and olives. You either thought this was pretty interesting or you thought the peas were disgusting. Either way, they ‘stirred’ everyone up. Ha! Okay, that was an awful pun. 🙂

4. An 80/20 rule for Social Media. Everyone liked this post and no wonder. J.A. Hennrikus did a fantastic job!

3. River’s issues. River’s troubles seemed to resonate with a lot of readers and I had comments from animal lovers everywhere, cheering him on. It was really awesome to see all that support!

2. Posts I loved this week. Everyone loved seeing other great posts and checking out other blogs.

1. On self-doubt. I was surprised this one was a hit because that little voice inside my head insisted I was the only one. But that’s the terrible thing about self-doubt, believing you’re alone. Turns out, it’s pretty prevalent. People could relate and were so thankful for the post. Right back at you guys! 🙂

These were the posts you enjoyed the most this month. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and making them a success!

On self-doubt

I’ve thought about stopping. I’ve had days where I wondered why I thought I could do it in the first place. English is my third language. Third. I have an accent that shouts out loud it’s not my Mother Tongue. I studied Math in university. Not English. How could I ever be a writer?

Every writer struggles with self-doubt at some point. We all have those little voices in our heads that tell us the many reasons we can’t be writers. I’m not going to tell you that you can do it or that you can’t. But I can share what other authors have written on self-doubt that helped me.

Bryan Hutchinson wrote a great article on self-doubt. The quotes alone he includes are worth the read (at least for me).

This one by June Whittle is a great post with links to resources for overcoming self-doubt and also has a link for those of us who’re not native English speakers!

Jeff Goins talks about dreaming when others think you’re…well nuts. It’s a lovely post and really encouraging.

Jody Calkins has this great post on positive things you can do to shut up those negative thoughts.

I absolutely loved this one by Joanna Penn on persistence. She has great advice and tips for authors struggling with self-doubt.

Finally, Kelly Leitner did this great article on overcoming self-doubt and this one on the fear of writing.

As always, I hope these help you when you’re thinking of shutting the laptop for good. Hang in there. 🙂

Failure is the first step towards success! [video]

I have just read my first review and it was simply awful. I started questioning the book, my editing, self-publishing, writing in general and the book I’m writing in particular.
I’m not going to lie and tell you that watching this video magically fixed everything. I still doubt. But it helped. And I need to thank Ankush for that.

I also hope it helps others who are also doubting.

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Thanks to my buddy Kim who shared this absolutely amazing video with me:



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