Review: The King

How do you make a 600+ page book a page-turner? You get J.R. Ward to write it.

The King was a superb read. Like most of J.R. Ward’s books, there are multiple POV’s and story lines that only enhance the read. The pace is fast and there are many cliffhangers. It was the best kind of roller-coaster ride.

I had heard some negative things about this book and I picked it up with some misgivings. They were so wrong. For me, this was a fantastic read. It has a great love story–I love Wrath–and awesome secondary characters. Add in a dash of humour, some great writing and I’m hooked.

J.R. Ward has an uncanny way of catching my interest. Her characters are so human, so beautifully flawed, I can’t help but to love them. The way they rise above the challenges in their path, makes me cheer for them and the love story made me sigh. Most of them are so hard on themselves, they never, ever take the easy road out. That heroic characteristic doesn’t grow old, it just makes me love them even more.

There were twists and turns in this book, times when I thought: there’s no way this is ending well. I just couldn’t see how it was all going to get fixed. But there’s a happy ending and enough tantalizing bits about those secondary characters that I know I’ll pick up the next book in the series. Eagerly.

Both serious, and at times funny, J.R. Ward has a great sense of timing and that comes through in this book in spades. An absolute keeper, The King will join the other BDB books on my shelf. I highly recommend this one for anyone who is a fan and, if you haven’t tried J.R. Ward, I’d really encourage you to. She’s one of the best paranormal romance writers out there. And for good reason.


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