Manchester, our thoughts and prayers are with you

We can only watch in horror as the news describes the horrific attacks at the concert in Ariana Grande in Manchester. Children and young people dead, words cannot describe what we feel.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Manchester.

Sad news

I’m really sorry to have sad news to share. This blog is about positive things. There’s enough sadness in the world without me adding to it.

So, this is not the post I wanted to write and it’s a hard one to put into words. But I didn’t want to pretend nothing had happened either.

Walter died this weekend.

We had actually just gone over to the breeder’s to see him the day before. It was particularly hard to meet him in person, see how cute, fluffy and wonderful he was and hear the news the day after. It was also very hard on the breeder and his family.

On a positive note, if there is one, we’re even more appreciative of our two fluff-balls of dogs. They, blissful in their ignorance, have no idea why they’re getting all these extra hugs and kisses…but they love them.

It’s certainly a lesson, for me, on appreciating life and everyone in it while I can. Life is a blessing. So, I’m really glad you are in my life, wonderful readers. And little Walter, if only for a short time.

(credit: breeder picture)

(credit: breeder picture)