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Loved this post! I’ve read a couple of those books and couldn’t agree more with the talent of the authors. Thank you for the list, Callum!

Callum McLaughlin

Support Indie Authors Support Indie Authors

I live for the day when indie and traditionally published books sit side by side on bookshelves, with readers choosing stories based purely on their appeal rather than their origins. Until then, it’s no secret that gaining exposure as a self-published author is hard and I, as one myself, am always happy to help support others. In light of this, here is a brief roundup of some of the indie books I have read over the last few months or so as well as links to the author’s blogs or websites where you can find more info and links to buy, etc.

S.R. Carrillo
The Soul – A book about good and evil; angels and demons; light and dark. The writing style is so immersive and the interaction between the lead characters is one of the most interesting dynamics I’ve read in a long time. It’s…

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