Where hubby has a fit

After our switch to a plant-based diet, I decided to go to a dietitian and make sure we weren’t missing anything vital for our health. I should add that my lovely hubby, in his wisdom, has taken a much more relaxed approach to the entire plant-based idea…(His version includes the odd cheese burger).

The dietitian looked to be about 15, super cheerful and typed at the speed of light. She inspected everything in my 3-day food journal and declared I was off to a good start. However…she did make some recommendations.

Some were easy, like adding ground flax seeds to meals to get Omega 2 and 3. Some were not so easy and some were…well tough. Namely, she said we shouldn’t drink coffee or tea before or after a meal. 1 to 2 hours before or after a meal (apparently those drinks stop the absorption of nutrients from your body).

When lovely hubby heard that particular recommendation, he nearly had a heart attack. Being British, tea is akin to having a heartbeat for him and he flat our refused to do it. He quoted his elderly mother who drinks at least 8 cups of the stuff a day and is alive and kicking today, he then said tea is actually good for your health and where did she get her information and what credentials did she have and where did she do her research and he’d like to talk to her supervisor….Everything in moderation, he added before saying he had to protect an entire nation of tea drinkers as it’s their national drink…ahem.

Instead of tea, the dietitian had suggested drinking warm water with lemon. So, I tried it…and it was disgusting. Well, not completely disgusting but more like a medical cure than a drink to enjoy after dinner. It smelled and tasted like NeoCitran…I almost felt sick at the end of it. Certainly nothing like a lovely cup of tea or coffee.

The very next day I had a cup of coffee in protest…it was delicious.

However, I did go online and found that the very young dietitian was right, at least about the lemon water. Here and here and here…and the list could easily continue. Apparently, warm lemon water is the best thing for you. Sigh.


Trying out new things

I’m trying out new authors…well, new to me. A friend recommended Karen Rose and another recommended Robyn Carr, so I thought I’ll check them out.

Now, I think I might have mentioned I’m a bit of a scary cat. Well, Karen Rose took that fear to a complete new level…and that was just by reading the cover. Since she’s a romance author and highly recommended, I’m going to grit my teeth and give her book 100%…though I might have to hug my doggies while I turn the pages. I’ll definitely let you know how that goes.

Robyn Carr is sweet, contemporary romance and I’m super excited to read her book. The premise of this story is one I just adore so I’ve been stealing moments here and there to read. I’ll let you know what I thought and rant on and on about the entire thing.

Someone else also recommended Catherine Anderson. She too writes contemporary romance. I just haven’t got my paws on one of her books. Obviously, an emergency trip to the used book store is in order.

All this means that, after reading these, I could find a new beloved author…and that’s just amazing. I can’t thank my friends enough for sending me to Karen Rose, Catherine Anderson and Robyn Carr. Even if they don’t tickle my fancy, a recommendation is a gift full of good wishes and that in itself is awesome. If I do find a new great author, I’ll be over the moon.

(credit: gentlemenofsport.com)

(credit: gentlemenofsport.com)

What about you? Do you have any favourite romance authors you’d like to share? 😀


Okay, I’m having too much fun with the header. Any thoughts? I’ve got number 5 on right now…but I have no real idea.

Here are the choices…



Any preferences?

Okay, I know…I should be writing. I know…I know! I’m heading right there…Oops! Heading!  🙂

PS. By the way, I got these from this post!


Reading outside the box

I received a lot of comments the other day suggesting authors who don’t write in romance. It got me thinking…should I step outside my beloved genre? I know, I know. Shocking. Call it a sign of cabin fever or delirium from this never-ending winter we’ve been enjoying but I started to consider reading something other than romance.

The idea got me thinking, do readers ever read something other than their favourite genre? Do you ever read outside your genre? Does anyone? Is it a good idea? Do you go running back to the books you love with renewed appreciation or do you discover a new type of writing you love? Is it worth it or is it a terrible-experience-never-to-be-repeated?

Honestly, I feel a little scared about trying it.

Book covers

There is a half-dressed man, leaning over an equally half-dressed woman. They’re half-sitting, half-lying on a sofa positioned in front of an open window or perhaps they’re in a field, with the grass flowing around them. In either case, both have their hair flying away from their faces, streaming in the wind in opposite directions of each other. They look like they’re in the throes of passion or about to sneeze, we can’t really tell. What’s very clear are his muscles, he has them everywhere from neck to fingers, her breasts and her legs. Incredibly their clothes have fallen off just enough to show their best features but still leave them dressed.

It’s a vague description but that’s the cover of most historical romance novels and even some contemporary. For me, it begs the question: Did they think readers would like that? Well, I was going to get the Nora Roberts’ book but now that I see the muscles on this guy, I’ll change my mind.

Personally, those covers aren’t my thing. In fact, I try and hide them when they happen to be on the book I’m reading. They’re not just ugly, they’re embarrassing. I can’t imagine how cover artists, publicists and literary agents (people who work in the publishing industry) think they are a good idea. I bet I’m not alone. Did these people ever speak to their readers?

I’d like to bet that most of us (readers) would like books to have a minimum amount of dignity. They don’t have to be as serious as the Bible. We’ll just settle for not embarrassing.

I’ve seen covers that are both beautiful and elegant. I know that traditionally published authors have literally no say on what goes on the front of their book. The cover is not up to them. I self-published so I got a cover done just the way I liked it. I love the cover on Olivia’s Choice. More than that, I’ll tell you who did it. Dara England. Here’s the link: http://mycoverart.com. She was absolutely amazing. Great to work with, professional and she knew just what I wanted. But don’t take my word for it, check out the awards she’s won on her site. The woman is awesome.

I would also recommend David C. Cassidy. http://davidccassidy.com/graphic-designer/ebook-covers/. He’s simply amazing and one of the nicest people I know. Hands down.

Covers are important. They draw the reader to your book…or away. I know they say: never judge a book by its cover…but I think it’s hard to look past a semi-naked couple embracing in the park.


Bought a book, found a chair, read the entire thing.

I have to admit I have ‘special’ reading habits. I’m very picky about what I read but, when I find something I like…watch out. I read like a starving woman. I gobble up the book, read the entire thing in one sitting, don’t even look up, don’t take a break, inhale every page…until it’s done.

Case in point, yesterday I got the book Never Kiss a Rake by Anne Stuart. Now, Ms. Stuart is very good (in my humble opinion). She’s on my automatic-buy list for good reason and this latest book didn’t disappoint. I read the thing. All of it. In one sitting.

It got me thinking. Is that normal? Can reading be addictive?

I mean, I can’t read at certain times. I can’t read before bed because I will simply not go to bed until the book is done. I can’t bring a book to work or I won’t get anything done (I’ve actually snuck them into meetings and gotten caught with my nose between the pages.) I also can’t bring it to the doctors office because you get the weirdest looks when you ask for more waiting time so you can finish a chapter.

I also don’t hear when I read. I mean it. My husband has called my name and I have not heard him. It’s not on purpose. I simply didn’t hear him. I was reading.

And I can’t stop halfway through a good book. It’s actually painful. The only other choice is to read the entire thing in one sitting. Apparently, this is why, after reading for four hours straight, my eyesight is blurry (my eye doctor told me I need to look up more often). Stopping is not as easy as it sounds.

So I got Never Kiss a Rake yesterday and I sat and I read the entire thing. And, yes, the book was good. Really good. But, more to the point, is reading like that normal?

I used to think I was a bit of an odd duck until I joined Goodreads. Turns out there are hundreds of others like me who read…ahem, enthusiastically.

Wanna join us? I’ll be honest, reading like this is simply delicious.

(credit: goodreads.com)

(credit: goodreads.com)