Awesome things about romance

Just after that post on awesome things, I started thinking about romance. What’s awesome about it? Why do I love it so much?

The first thing that comes to mind is the happy ending. I love happy endings. They give me closure on the story and the characters. I can finish they book knowing they’re happy and in a good place. It might be unrealistic but I hope for a happy ending all the time, even in real life. When my husband went to have a mole checked out, I was hoping for the best and was thrilled when we learned it wasn’t cancer. A young teen visited me this week fearing she was pregnant. I waited for the results with her hoping she wasn’t (not that there’s anything wrong with being pregnant…just not at 16).

Happy endings are unrealistic but maybe just because of that reason, they’re so lovely. In romance, they’re guaranteed. In every book. Isn’t that great?

Point number two in favour of romance is the boy-meets-girl tale. I love stories of how two people came together. Whether they are like cats and dogs and fight their way to each other, or he rescues her or she rescues him and they fall in love, or perhaps he’s given up on love because of a horrible traumatic event but she helps him find hope in it again. Sigh! It just tugs at my heart. Will she love him? Will he love her? What about their issues? What about her fears? I can’t wait to find out.

Great romance doesn’t stop at happy endings and a love story. That’s only the beginning. There is excellent writing, humour, angst, pets, ridiculous characters, scary villains, awesome dialogue, intriguing plots, great historical references…you get the idea. But, for me, those are all icing on the cake. My greatest reasons for reading this genre are the first two I mentioned above.

Now, you might not agree with me but… are you still wondering if that teen girl was pregnant? See? You might want that happy ending after all.

By the way, she wasn’t.