Top posts for July

These are your favourite 10 posts for July. From the silly to the funny to the informative, they’re all here.

10. My husband wasn’t at all pleased that this one was so popular. Ha!

9. This one was self-indulgent with funny cat pictures that made me laugh. Apparently, I’m not alone.

8. I was so grateful that this one was a hit. I was overwhelmed with the support I found!

7. A post on writing tips with a joke and a quote. People loved it.

6. Teeny, tiny but it hit a spot with people. Coffee and writing. Ahh…

5. This award post was another hit. If you haven’t checked out the nominees, I’ll just say they’re really awesome blogs!

4. Everyone loved these Writing tips.

3. Posts I loved this week are usually a hit but this one was a definite favourite.

2. A surprise hit, this one was me trying to get over a bad review. People shared their support and struggles with bad reviews. The responses were so positive, they were almost worth that nasty review.

1. By far the number one choice of all readers was Need a review?

There you have the top 10 posts of July. Thank you so much for reading and making it such an awesome month!!

Thank you!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been so incredibly kind and supportive of my book. I thought of the Surprise idea as a sort of fun post/free gift but I really had no expectations. I certainly wasn’t prepared for the outcome.

People got my book. They bought it even though I explained I would give it to them for free. They bought it even though they don’t even read romance! They Twitted messages, made banners for Facebook, they re-blogged the post and basically shouted out support for my book everywhere.

I was overwhelmed. I shared it with my hubby, who was amazed, and my mother-in-law who forgets things and asked: “You wrote a book?”

It was really incredible and I wanted to say thank you so very much. You guys are so kind.


Cute posts on reading

Cute, interesting and, hopefully, uplifting. Here are some posts about reading that will hopefully get some smiles.

5. Funny quotes about bibliophiles.

4. 10 ways to tell if you’re a bibliophile (if you know the meaning of the word, odds are, you’re one of us)

3. Awesome quotes from the one and only William Shakespeare.

4. Not a reader? Become one and join us (it’s so much fun!). Here’s how!

5. Finally, a touch of humour. 😀



Books and ebooks

Ebooks. I loved this very interesting post by DBCII. He explains all the reasons Kindle is a ‘game-changer’, then adds the reasons why we still stick to paperbacks.

I have to admit I have a love-hate relationship with my e-readers. Yes, I have two of the things. I have a Kobo and a Kindle…and a ton of paperbacks.

When the ereaders first came out, I thought I was set. The luxury of being able to read hundreds of books in one tiny tablet had me salivating. The convenience of being able to buy a book from home was amazing. I was hooked…then I had to upload an upgrade in Kobo and my entire library was deleted. Suddenly, things weren’t that much fun. I thought things might be different with Kindle. But, as it turns out, you don’t own your ebooks, you’re renting them. Hm…

As it stands, I’m torn. I love my ereaders when I’m on holiday but there’ something about touching a book as I read it and buying a book online might be practical but I miss the magical experience of walking into my favourite book store or used book store. It’s just not the same.

What do you think? Exciting or annoying? Are you all for the new Kindle or do you enjoy the tactile feel of a book?

And a big thanks to DBCII for the outstanding post!


Ten Guilty Pleasures of Reading.

We all do it. If we’re readers, we do them. Come on, own up. I certainly have done all of these at one time or another.

1. Stayed up all night to finish that book because I just couldn’t go to bed until I got closure (aka finished the book). This is not a problem during holidays…more of an issue when the next day is a workday.

2. Read the entire book in the bookstore. Ridiculous? Yeap. Still did it. Will probably do it again because some books, once you start…there’s no way you can put the brakes on.

3. Read while someone else was watching TV. Do this all the time. TV doesn’t hold one one hundredth the attraction of a good book. Sorry. Not even close.

4. Skipped a meal to read. Shouldn’t do this one. I know. Skipping a meal is bad. BAD. I just had to read one more page…Just one more page…and that was the name of the song until I was done.

5. Read in places I should NOT be reading. Work (bad, bad…really, really BAD–especially when I was at a staff meeting and our boss was doing a presentation and I got caught!). Parking lot after just buying the book (Ridiculous! Come on, get home, then read!). When you were supposed to be doing laundry, cooking (Nightmare. Everything burns!), feeding the dog (waaay too much kibble).

6. Sniffed a new book to get that smell. Ahh! The New-Book smell. There’s nothing like it. Though old books also have their particularly tempting scent. Walk into a bookstore and take a deep breath…ahhh. So nice.

7. Read until your eyes hurt. I have. Often. Miraculously I don’t need glasses…yet.

8. Brought so many books on a holiday away from home that I had to take out clothes to make room in the suitcase. I won’t mention the weight of the thing (note to self: Kindle).

9. Read a book so many times I know parts like litany. Often. It’s sad, I know. But I know some of them like a prayer.

10. You carry a book around all the time. Even to the gym!