Top ten posts for June!

These are the top ten posts in June according to you!

10. Coming in last is my post announcing changes to Olivia’s Choice page.

9. This one got a lot of attention. It’s about getting editing help from a pro who also happens to be a really, really kind person. Check it out if you’re looking for help.

8. A grumpy me and a bunch of cat pictures, readers loved this one on change. Have I mentioned I don’t like change?

7. This Tuesday Teaser got a whole bunch of attention. I actually really like Sandra Brown. I have a couple of her books to read next. YUM!

6. This one was posted a while ago but interest in it has flared up now. It makes sense. If you blog, you need to know about tags. They’re really important.

5. This is what happens when you know someone called Winter Bayne. She’s an incredible writer who’s also insanely busy. Yet, she does this. I’m still in awe.

4. This one was a major hit with readers. I think it has to do with the cutie at the end. And no, we didn’t accept his offer.

3. My mother-in-law is a very unique individual. And so is her way of obtaining pizza. Readers thought it was hilarious.

2. This one was a surprise for me. I had no idea how much readers would connect with this idea.

1. This one is the all time favourite.

A big thank you to you for reading my little blog and sharing your likes and dislikes with me. You made June a wonderful month!

Top posts for May

I never know how a post will do. Of Mushy Peas and Olives was a funny anecdote that I wasn’t sure I should post back in February…and it’s still getting traffic. To niche or not to niche your blog was another surprise. In the end, I stare at the stats and shake my head in awe.

Well, these are the top posts for May as voted by you!

10. This is great advice if you’ve just finished your first draft. Ignore your novel.

9. I really liked writing this one. It was a hoot. Sleep-deprivation and characters.

8. A little help on that inner critic, this post hit the spot with many readers.

7. It might be my grumblings or it could be the funny cat pictures, but people loved this post on change.

6. My thoughts on romance and their idea of a hero in ‘The Perfect Man‘ seemed to hit the spot with many of you.

5. My review of the Benevolence Archives Vol.1 had everyone interested. It comes in at the number 5 spot.

4. This one was a post with editing links. It seemed to raise everyone’s interest.

3. Editing help was another big hit among readers. Writers are looking for a good editor and I had no problem recommending D. Emery Bunn after the amazing job he did on my book.

2. To niche or not niche your blog was an instant hit. Everyone had a thought on this topic and most of you thought authenticity was key.

1. The Posts I Loved this Week feature seem to be a favourite. Here is your top post for May.

Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

Top 5 posts in February

These are the top posts in February according to you!

5. Of mushy peas and olives. You either thought this was pretty interesting or you thought the peas were disgusting. Either way, they ‘stirred’ everyone up. Ha! Okay, that was an awful pun. 🙂

4. An 80/20 rule for Social Media. Everyone liked this post and no wonder. J.A. Hennrikus did a fantastic job!

3. River’s issues. River’s troubles seemed to resonate with a lot of readers and I had comments from animal lovers everywhere, cheering him on. It was really awesome to see all that support!

2. Posts I loved this week. Everyone loved seeing other great posts and checking out other blogs.

1. On self-doubt. I was surprised this one was a hit because that little voice inside my head insisted I was the only one. But that’s the terrible thing about self-doubt, believing you’re alone. Turns out, it’s pretty prevalent. People could relate and were so thankful for the post. Right back at you guys! 🙂

These were the posts you enjoyed the most this month. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and making them a success!