If we were having coffee

(credit:Church Designer Magazine)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that it’s still freezing here. In fact, we have freezing rain in our forecast. Lovely, isn’t i? A couple of days ago, the Polar Vortex was among us giving us incredibly frigid temperatures, snow squalls and the promise of frostbite if we dared to venture outside.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my husband’s patchy, duck-tape ‘fix’ of our dogs’ beds is over and they both now have new beds. This is good news for both doggies and people, since the old dog beds were a complete eye sore.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that Groundhog Day promised us an early spring and I, for one, can’t wait.

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If we were having coffee

(credit:Church Designer Magazine)

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I’m sick. I’m still in the early stages, so part of me still denies it and even has trouble typing it down. I’m still hoping that it was just a fluke and I didn’t really feel sick yesterday and it’ll magically go away.

If we were having coffee, I’d own that I’m pretty sick of winter already. Well, not winter exactly but the extreme cold days that we’ve been having. If that Polar Vortex moved on back home and left us, I wouldn’t shed a tear.

If we were having coffee, I’d share that this week was a whirlwind at work. The days didn’t fly, they teleported by. It the middle of the madness, I was trying to do all the items on my to-do list and basically ran around like a headless chicken.

Tell me it’s warmer where you are. It’d make my cold day.

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Deep Freeze

We’re in a deep freeze. The unwanted and deeply hated Polar Vortex decided to return for a visit this weekend and left its comfortable home in the North Pole bringing with it a deep freeze. It’s minus 35 …but, of course, with the wind things are always much worse. It’s minus forty something with the wind. I can’t put into words the sheer bite of the wind. You get a headache as soon as you step outside which is, of course, your brain warning you that you’re not supposed to be alive at that temperature.

(credit: jlwatsonconsulting.typepad.com)

(credit: jlwatsonconsulting.typepad.com)

The akitas still love it out there. Its unbelievable. Terrified that they’ll freeze into popsicle-dogs, I spy on them from the kitchen window and stare as they run outside. I’m watching for any signs that they’re suffering and run to the door to call them in at the slightest shake. But they’re out there running around, jumping on their rocks as if it was a balmy 20 degrees.

The only time I saw any issue was when Ocean lifted her paws because they got cold. I ran to the door to rescue her but she just lay down and between her fur and the snow, warmed up her paws. It’s crazy. She was back up and running in less time than it takes for me to write this. I still called them in—because I panic. But they were back at the door asking to return outside seconds later.

(credit: rebloggy.com)

(credit: rebloggy.com)

You’d think at these temperatures no one would leave their home but the opposite is true. We do have a Extreme Cold Warning in effect but that only seems to spur Canadians on. They were out there celebrating Winter fest and even doing a Polar Bear dip—a horrifying event where they actually dive, in a bathing suit into the freezing water of the lake and then rescuers try to bring them back to life. Really, who does that? I got cold just watching them on TV. They’re all out there, with runny noses and frozen smiles urging others on to feel alive and enjoy the winter temperatures.

No wonder Europeans think we live in igloos.

Snow is coming…and I’m not happy.

A year ago, I clearly remember writing a post titled: Waiting for snow. I’m not waiting for snow this year. In fact, unrealistic as it may be, I’m hoping it passes us altogether. After the never-ending freezing nightmare that was last year’s Winter, I was hoping to have a short, brief, warm season (or as warm as you can get in Canada).


Notice the ‘was’? Yeap. The farmers are already predicting a long winter. And a cold one with tons of snow and freezing temperatures. That nasty Polar Vortex is supposed to be wrecking havoc all over us again.




This is not a Canada-only phenomenon. Check out this post by HalfEatenMind.

On the other hand, the akitas around here couldn’t be happier.

(credit: kimballstock.com)

(credit: kimballstock.com)


A never-ending winter

It’s March…and, outside my window, it looks like January. Polar Vortex or no Polar Vortex, I’m starting to wonder if we’ve magically moved into the realm of Game of Thrones only, instead of ‘Winter is coming’, we have ‘Winter is never leaving’.

Here are a few reading pictures to fit the never-ending season. 🙂

(credit: quirk books.com)

(credit: quirk books.com)

(credit: npr.org)

(credit: npr.org)

On a positive note, the akitas love it. 🙂

Groundhogs and Spring

We had snow, but more of the white stuff has accumulated on the ground and even more is on the forecast. For variety, tomorrow’s weather includes a windchill. To add to our misery, the days are not only short, today the sun wasn’t able to make it through the clouds at all. At five in the afternoon, it’s pitch black outside and the sun doesn’t rise until well after 7am. Ew.

This feels like the longest winter in history. Did I really say I was waiting for snow at some point?

February is when Canadians start to feel an itch for Spring. After all those frozen, dark months of winter, they need to have some sort of hope that, one day, they will wake up and not see a frozen wasteland. They need to believe warmer weather is coming.

Good news. We have Groundhog Day.

As the story goes, this rodent (the groundhog) comes out of hibernation every year and reacts to his shadow. If he sees his shadow, he hides and there are at least 6 more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, it means Spring is around the corner.

It’s absolute hogwash, of course. No rodent whose IQ is barely higher than their hibernating body temperature is able to predict the weather with any accuracy. Hogwash.

But the sad reality is that we’re so desperate for good news, we’ll cling to a rodent if that’s the only bit of hope around. After the never-ending length of this winter season, I’m willing to give Groundhog Willy a chance.

At least if he announces an early Spring.