Pizza a la UK

My hubby’s lovely mother came over for dinner on Saturday. Since she has issues with our food, she decided to bring supper over. Apparently, she has never had pizza before because she called us before ordering to know what to put on the thing. While I shouted “Pepperoni!” loudly enough to be heard in Russia, my hubby told her to get the Canadian special: mushrooms, pepperoni and bacon.

Now, I should explain that this lovely lady is from the UK. She’s been in Canada for years and years…but you wouldn’t know it to listen to her. Her accent is as thick as the day she landed and, since she’s from the North of England, that accent is as decipherable as Egyptian script.

Obviously, we didn’t get our Canadian combination special.

Hubby’s mother did come with pizza…two of them in fact. In the translation, the  bacon, mushrooms and pepperoni became, chicken, onions and tomatoes.IMG_0216

I won’t even mention what was on the other one…except to add that I’m not particularly fond of anchovies with spicy peppers.



Should You Move To Canada?

Just a cute, funny post I thought I’d share on a Sunday. Be warned. It’s got nothing to do with writing. Or books.

Moving company Toronto

Do you enjoy real maple syrup?


Yes. Of course. Who doesn’t?

Did you know that Canada has a global strategic maple syrup reserve?

Well, they do! The reserve was established to ensure a steady and continuous supply in the event that something happens to maple trees. If you like maple syrup, you’ll probably love Canada!

Do you knowingly commit crimes on a regular basis?


✓ No! I’m no criminal ?

In Canada, police departments give out ‘positive tickets’ to thank people for doing good.

The idea came from Ward Clapham, a 28-year retired veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He envisioned a world in which police officers rewarded the good in people, rather than just looking for the bad.

How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?


I love it. ?

Canadians invented Hawaiian pizza!

The first Hawaiian pizza was cooked in 1960 by Sam Panopoulos at…

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