How to avoid dangerous pitfalls–for authors

I came across this very good post a few weeks ago. I wish I had seen it earlier…as in when-I-first-self-published earlier. I didn’t and I made some of the mistakes I read about on this blog. I accepted a review from someone I didn’t know in exchange for their book. Ugh. Ugly consequences ensued. Let’s just say I’ll never do that again.

There are guidelines on this post that I believe help authors keep their credibility and the integrity of their work. I intend to follow them (ahem…even if it’s a little late for that one review). More importantly, I thought I’d pass them on to other authors. Those pitfalls are dangerous, dark places. Beginning authors are fragile, little seedlings. We need all the help we can get…at least I do.

It’s also an amazing site…as you can tell from the awards listed on it.

Check it out:

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