Of road trips and dog beds

There was a trip in our future because, since Canada is so spread out, anything you want to buy is at least an hour away. This trip was a couple of hours so, gritting our teeth against the freezing rain on the windshield, we put our boots on and off we went like a herd of turtles.

Several hours later, purchase made, we were heading back when I spotted a Petsmart!..you know where they have all sorts of things for pets?

Not that long after, we were back on our way…with a couple of new purchases.

Yeap. We might have bought these exact beds for our pooches before and…yeap, they’re still very expensive but no one said we had any fiscal restraint when it comes to our pooches.

Besides, they love these beds. Or, at least, we think they do.

River’s cheekiness

We’ve had River for about six months. He’s come a long way.

Before us, he lived in a kennel waiting for his chance to…ahem…make little puppies. But life happened, and the breeder gave him to us rather than keep him for the sake of keeping him.

The first time River walked into our house, he crawled on his tummy. Now, he has sniffed and inspected every inch of our home including the garage and surrounding forests. Before, he could only sleep in the safety of his crate. Now, he curls up on his cushion and snores away like only a happy dog can.


Before being with us, he had only tasted kibble. Cheese, peanut butter and other doggie treats were mysteries to him. Today, he has a fondness for ice cubes made of chicken broth and frozen blueberries on hot days. On cold ones, he likes a warm broth over his kibble to keep his tummy warm–made from lamb if possible. And he loves tuna.

He had never been in a car or a store or met anyone human or other kinds. Today, he loves the car rides with a passion that borders on obsession. He loves Petsmart, where he particularly likes sniffing the little birds until they freak out, and ‘trying out’ new toys. And he loves walks by the water.

Though we keep socializing him, River will always be hesitant with strangers and he’ll always be weary of new places. He’s suspicious of other dogs and the other day even growled at a tiny puppy when it got too excited. At home, he lacks Ocean’s cheekiness. When she wants kisses, she doesn’t meekly follow us around hoping we’ll get the hint. She shoves her body or head under the nearest hand and gives us her ‘sad-eyes’. We immediately melt and kiss and hug her until she’s happy.

But River’s come a long way. He’s discovered the benefits of laying on his back to have his tummy rubbed and this morning, he woke me by laying his head on the bed and licking any part of me he could reach until I got up.

He’s not exactly cheeky yet but I have hope. He’s come so far.