Character names

I make up most of my character names. I write paranormal romance so most of my characters are members of the Forest Races and I need to keep that in mind when I name them. Bob and Jo, just won’t cut it.

At the beginning, I used to just randomly collect letters and hope what I came up with was a name…that didn’t work so well. Turns out words aren’t that easy to make up. Besides, I have a tendency to like some letters more than others. My made up names started to sound alike. A nightmare for the poor reader!

What I finally came up with was a game. I chose a trait that represents the character I’m trying to name and translate that word into another language–usually French or Spanish. Then I change or move one or two letters to fit my needs.

For example, Nior. He’s a norn guard. He’s got a dark side to his personality, so I thought of the word: Noir in French. It means black and I thought it fit him like a glove. I changed the vowels, made sure it ended in an ‘r’ (all norn male names have to end in ‘r’) and voila! I had my name.

I also try to have fun with the names for those characters that are human. I choose some that mean something or are special in some way but I have to be careful not to name them after people I know. I joked with one of my friends that I might name a villain after them and they almost lost their cookies.

Some of my names I love like, Baphrem. I don’t know how I came up with that one but I love it. Others, I like less. The hardest part is figuring out how to pronounce words that don’t actually exist.

How does one say Emmaires properly? Hm…

Another five star review for Olivia’s Choice!

I’m so excited! Olivia’s Choice just got another five star review! I’m so giddy I’m shaking right now. Here’s the link: Wow. I just can’t believe it.

I’m shaking. Literally. I might have to skip the coffee this morning.

Another five star review!

Olivia’s Choice got another 5 star review in Goodreads! I’m just floating right now. Just floating! Here’s the link:


Five star review for Olivia’s Choice

Olivia’s Choice just got a wonderful, five star review on Amazon! I’m awed and humbled that someone would like my book so much they would give it a five star review. And they asked if I was writing any sequels! I’m just over the moon. (By the way, I am writing the sequel…Amy’s Courage. It’s almost done–except for editing).

Check it out here:

Olivia’s Choice is free…on Smashwords

I’m still in depths of formatting…well, let’s call it Formatting Inferno. It honestly seems to be one step forward and three back. I won’t mention the issue with the font right now because it’s just going to set me off and I’ll be rambling about it for hours. Let’s just say that whenever someone who’s techy calls a process ‘easy’ and that their guide is ‘step by step’, they mean if you have a PhD in the subject.

Still, there’s a point to this post and I’m getting to it. Olivia’s Choice is free on Smashwords. Here’s the link:

It has all sorts of available downloads, from epub to mobi to doc to anything in between. There’s also a nifty interview by yours truly (me). I’ve also added the link to the page on this blog for easy access.

I’m still formatting because my goal is to get Olivia’s Choice free on Amazon and the formatting Inferno I’m in is one step towards that goal. Let’s hope the formatting gods are kinder today than they were yesterday. Wish me luck.


So I’m trying to get Olivia’s Choice (my book) to be free because I love free stuff. But I have a choice to make. Right now, my book is in Amazon for $2.99. It’s the lowest price in KDP and I had to enrol in it to self-publish.

So, I checked with Amazon and they would allow my book to be free (for only 4 days!) but I would have to keep it in KDP for 90 days. That means I can’t publish it anywhere else for free or lower that $2.99 price.

On the other hand, I could publish it on Smashwords, make it free there and ask Amazon to price match. They may or may not do that and they would take months to consider the idea. Meanwhile, it would be free on Smashwords but not on Amazon.

I need input. What do you think is the best idea? Any thoughts?



Another great review for Olivia’s Choice!

I’m over the moon with Andrea Whittle’s review. I’m thrilled to know she loved the book and wants to read part 2 (Amy’s Courage which I’m working on right now). She also did a little interview of yours truly and it’s in the post.

Here’s the link to the review:

So excited! Yeey!

Great review!

Just got my first review! I was terrified that they wouldn’t like my book but they liked it. In fact, they gave it four stars out of five! Yeey!

If you want to read it, here’s a link:

I gotta say…I feel like I’m floating a little bit. I’m so grateful…Just so grateful.

How do you choose a book?

We all have favourite authors on auto-buy. I do as well. I trust them implicitly. They could write a book about in-grown toenails and I’d buy it. But what about those authors we don’t know? Do you buy that book or do you put it back? What do you do?

When I see an author I don’t know, I like to go in slowly. It’s a lot like tasting something new. Say I’m in Spain and someone offers me some paella. Well, I wouldn’t necessarily get a full plate of it. I like to try a bit. Like a mouthful. If I like it, I’ll try some more. And so on. (By the way, if you’re in Spain, don’t miss out. Definitely try the paella).

I like to do the same thing with books. I ‘taste’ books first. If I’m at a book store, I’ll read the cover, then I’ll try the first chapter. See what I think. Then, maybe, I’ll read a bit more.

My method works on line too. Most authors are incredibly accommodating. In their excerpts, they literally post a chapter or two. By the end of the first chapter I can tell you if I like the book or if it’s not a good fit.

This is how I found out about Kristen Ashley. She has a sample for each of her books. Usually not just one or two chapters but several. I can tell you, after a few chapters, I’m a goner. I need to know what happens. And, you know what? The purchase button is right there! So easy! Within minutes, I’m in my happy place.

That’s also what got me thinking about putting a few chapters of Olivia’s Choice online. I went to Wattpad (recommended by a friend) and posted the first two chapters under Olivia’s page, with another little excerpt.

So, if you’re like me and like to try things out, give those chapters a try! Let me know what you think! Oh, and I can’t recommend Kristen Ashley strongly enough. If you like romance and you haven’t read her yet, give her a shot. I dare you to try her chapters and not buy the book. I haven’t been able to resist. She’s that good.

Olivia’s Choice

I always like sampling books first to see if I like them. Be it at a bookstore or on line, I love nothing better than to ‘taste’ the book. A few chapters in and I know if it’s for me. So…

What about trying out Olivia’s Choice? For free? I’ve added a link to Wattpad. I’ve posted the first two chapters there. If you do try it and like them, let me know! Or just click here!

Hope you like them!