Review: Mine to Take

 Mine to Take starts off a new series for Jackie Ashenden. It tells the story of Gabriel Woolf and Honor St. James. Gabriel is a tough, ruthless, highly successful business man who’s never forgotten the man who hurt his mother. Honor is a highly successful business woman who’s also the stepdaughter of Gabriel’s enemy.

Though this is very much a romance novel, Honor and Gabriel are in opposite sides of a war. Honor doesn’t know the real reason Gabriel is interested in her business proposition but still manages to maintain a detached business attitude. She’s tough, smart and doesn’t give up without a fight.

Though Gabriel is tough as nails, we are privy to his reasons for his anger from early on. Less a monster than he thinks himself to be, he comes across as a man torn by loss and pain and trying to find his way through it. He’s tempted by Honor from the very beginning and determined to keep the upper hand.

They spar at every turn and I loved reading every word. The dialogue is absolutely delicious. There are great lines in almost every scene and I paused just to savour them.

There are also amazing secondary characters. Gabriel’s friends, who I hope will be the heroes in the next books, are awesome and intriguing with great personalities and interesting backstories that made me want to know more about them.

Overall, this was a book I truly enjoyed. Not only was it romance and contemporary (one of my favourites) but it was written by an author I hadn’t previously read. After Mine to Take, this is going to change. I’m keeping a very close eye on Jackie Ashenden from now on and heading to the bookstore to see what other books she’s written.