I might be a little jaded

I have a feeling this hope-inducing retreat might have backfired. Certainly everyone there was incredibly positive. Almost to the point of being a little eerie. When asked how they were doing, they weren’t okay, they were super!! And they didn’t smile, they grinned from ear to ear until I could see all their molars.


Still, there were hopeful signs. We had a Father Jim, who showed up dressed in something I wouldn’t give a beggar, who told us to avoid confessing our sins. Someone else staged a posse to get drunk the one night we were there. And, the last day, while I was trying my best to focus on yet another speech, I saw at least five people texting on their phones.

If I had any left over stars and unrealistic expectations from my retreat, one day back at work efficiently destroyed any of them. The public I work with managed their worst behaviour yet by shouting, throwing things and basically acting like monkeys. They didn’t throw faeces around but the week’s not over yet. There’s always today.

So I signed up to go to next year’s retreat.


Books worth waiting for

When I first buy my yearly agenda, fresh and crisp and clean, I look up my favourite authors and their upcoming release dates and write their coming books into the pages. It’s the first thing I do with the agenda and one that gives me so much joy. I also use my agenda to remember dates like the dentist and meetings for work, like most people, but those don’t make me smile.

I’ve found I need to be organized. When you can read a book in a day, the problem is feeding the habit…and I won’t just read anything. I’m picky. (Insert eye-roll right here). So, I check to see what new books are coming out and plan my reading accordingly. I end up having to re-read some of my old favourites but the new ones keep me going.

So, who am I waiting for?

Ooooh, there are a couple of yummy books coming that make me want to count down the days (Don’t. I’ve found out, counting down days actually makes the wait feel longer…like waiting for a kettle to boil).

J. R. Ward has the next in the BDB series coming and it’s titled The King. Oh. Sweet. Goodness. I’m all in a tizzy about this one. It looks soooo good. Soooo good. (Yeap, worth all those extra o’s).

Madeline Hunter has The Accidental Duchess coming in May. Can’t wait. Can’t wait.

Mary Balogh has The Escape coming. I’m so excited about this one. She’s just superb…but the date is still in the air. I’m hoping early because…well, yum!

There are a few more really good ones coming who I’ll have to wait until January to put into the agenda. Nalini Singh, for example has a new Guild Hunter book due and I’m so excited about that one. I know I said the same thing a bit ago about another book but I just read Archangel’s Legion and it was so good, all it did was get me hungrier for the next book!

Nora Roberts, Julie James, Kelley Armstrong, Jill Shalvis, Lisa Kleypas…they’re all coming. I can’t wait.

Now, here’s what I must not do. I must not go and read the tempting first chapter of those books coming out next year. Even though I want to. Really. Badly. I shouldn’t because, after I read that one tiny chapter, I need to have the rest of the book and, if it’s months away, the wait can be torture. Literally, torture. It’s better to write down the title under the right date and wait. Watching the agenda. Humming with anticipation.

(credit: 360solutions.com)

(credit: 360solutions.com)