A lovely doggie walk

Today was such a sunny, lovely day that I decided to take a little walk with my two favourite doggies. Armed with a hat for my head, doggie bags for the unmentionables and a smile for the neighbours, we took off. We usually head downtown and back but the day was so nice that I decided to take a different route and head to the water.

Getting to the water was not difficult. It’s a massive lake that seems to take over the horizon. The harder part was figuring out our way back. None of the streets looked familiar. Still, I had a sense of where our house should be and off we went.

A few wrong turns and several doggie bags later, we got home. I didn’t think it was an excessively long walk. My dogs, however, had a different view point.

Did we just hike to the other side of Canada?

Who put her in charge of directions?

Needless to say, these two are not long-distance runners.

A quiet little town

I have mentioned that we’ve sold our house. It’s true. There’s a bright red sign on it shouting out to the world that it’s sold. So, we’ll be moving soon, to a new home in a new place.

We’re leaving our home and moving to a little, sleepy town north of here. Our new house is poky, full of character and nooks and corners. It’s surrounded by huge, old trees that have seen many stories and settled in a quiet street.

We were there today. Looking around the quaint little downtown area, getting a coffee and grinning like silly fools. It was mid morning and we were in the busiest area of town but something struck me as different in this sleepy little town.

It was the silence.

There was a woman walking three dogs that passed us and a man smoking a pipe with a shock of hair stuffed under his cap. There were some cars driving by but they were few and far between. Otherwise, nothing around made a sound.

It was so quiet.

Hubby and I chatted away, sipping our coffee dreaming of the day when he’ll work from our home in this quaint little town. We walked by small little stores full of oddities and a little old lady peering at a newspaper from inside a coffee shop. It almost as if time had stood still for this tiny little town.

The coffee was wonderful, the muffing we ate delicious but best of all, the very best of all, was the peace I felt. I can’t wait to live there.