Review: Mackenzie’s Pleasure

I’m a sucker for a good rescue. I’ll just come out and admit it now. And I absolutely adore Linda Howard. I think her writing is pure gold.

So, here’s the thing. Mackenzie’s Pleasure has both of those. Together.

Barrie is kidnapped and meets Zane when he rescues her. Though she’s definitely victimized, she’s an easy heroine to like because she’ll go down fighting rather than give in. She has spunk in spades.

Zane is wonderful combination of power and strength with gentle caring. He’s as smart at Barrie and, of course, they butt heads. Reading their bantering is absolute joy.

Interesting, if you’re a fan, this is one of Linda Howard’s earlier works. You can actually see how much her writing has evolved when you compare this one to one of her later works. So interesting for a humble indie author like myself.

With a plot that had me biting my nails, Mackenzie’s Pleasure is a fantastic read. It’s number four in the Mackenzie series but can be read alone. I would so recommend this group of books to anyone who enjoys romance. Linda Howard can’t be beat.