One dexterous racoon

When we moved out to the country, we did it to live surrounded by nature. We were hoping to see rabbits, birds, chipmunks, racoons and foxes. After one year in our new home, I can say that we’ve seen all of the above. Even foxes.

What we didn’t expect, was that one of them would take an interest in us…or, to be more precise, our compost.

The creature in question is a racoon, one very determined racoon. Though he has plenty of natural sources of food around, he’s fixated on our compost. And  not a night goes by where he doesn’t pay us a visit and take advantage of his favourite buffet.

My hubby, having cleaned up his messy, gooey left overs one too many times, decided enough was enough and went into action.

With the help of some stretchy cables, some heavy weights and a couple of long, pieces of wood, he came up with a contraption that made the compost bin completely racoon-proof. Problem was, we couldn’t get into it either. Accessing the bin meant having a hammer, screwdriver and a lot of patience. After a couple of days of this, I decided to get involved and called the city.

They sent us a package, free of charge, with a gadget guaranteed to make our compost racoon-proof. One afternoon later, our compost looked like this:

IMG_0274That white little piece was supposed to keep the racoon away while keeping the bin accessible to those of us with opposable thumbs. Hubby hugged me with delight at the sight of it and we went to bed happy as could be.

The resulting racoon-created mess in the morning wasn’t pretty.

Our racoon might not have opposable thumbs, but he makes up for it in ingenuity.

We’re just worried he’s got friends.