Getting ready for George

I’ve explained things to Ocean, who’s pretty blasé about the idea, and I’ve given her tons of extra kisses to reassure her she’s not forgotten. Still, there are a ton of things to do to get ready for a new puppy.

I’ve found this blog that follows a Newfoundlander owner so that I can see what to do and what to avoid. We’ve bought a couple of things…

Newfies love the water. Ocean…not so much.

I’ve also bought a few more towels to have as doggie towels because when you have a puppy, there are messes. We’ve also got a new fence to enclose a little section of our yard for those times when George and Ocean are both outside unsupervised (we want to make sure there are no fights). We’re also putting a new fence on our deck so there are no sneaky areas he can scramble into under there and get into trouble.

This is George at the vets, getting his first shot.

Unlike poor George at the vets, we are pretty excited.