It’s a disaster in here

We’ve moved. We have all our things stuffed into the new house and we have survived the first night. The dogs went nuts in the new place, the movers forgot to read the labels on the boxes and dumped them everywhere and the tech guy could only find one phone jack.

This is definitely a two-cup-of-coffee day.

In the interim, check out this amazing dog blog and these hilarious memes that I stole from there. Aren’t they great?

Moving while sick

We’re moving in a week. It’s so exciting and chaotic and scary…and I’m sick. Apparently, my immune system thinks this is the best time to throw a fit. Friday, I was feverish and it hasn’t gone away by today. I’m still off.

It’s the weirdest feeling in the world to go around to stores and malls while you’re sick. Especially if, like me, you have a fever. I was standing there, feeling an odd, out-of-body experience. I could hear things and see things but they felt like they were coming from far away.

I probably should have been in bed…but did I mention we’re moving? That moving date is coming, sickness or not. So, we were out and about and I just pushed through it.

It was still super weird. I felt like nothing mattered. The sales person was explaining something about technology for the new house and it might have well been the instructions on how to run the Space shuttle for all I understood.

My doggies seem to know I’m sick. River has always liked being around me but now it’s almost an obsession. He can’t be more than a few feet away from me, watching me, even when he’s sleeping, to see if I’m still there. When I go to bed, too sick to stay up, he comes with me.

It’s so lovely to have a nurse dog.

This is us

We’re in the middle of packing our house. We’re moving in 3 weeks and we didn’t want to leave things to the last minute. So, instead, we started packing weeks ago. As a result, everything we need is usually now in the depths of a box, somewhere.

This is us right now. Boxes everywhere.

Just in case you’re wondering, both our dogs are helping us move by blowing their coats at the same time. Yeap. They’re shedding like their lives depended on it and adding balls of fluff all around the house.

This was so yummy!

I did manage to cook something today. It’s a slightly different version of the cauliflower Alfredo from Oh She Glows. I added broccoli to the recipe instead of mushrooms simply because they were the vegetable I had around. It was super yummy.

I also tried this other vegan recipe for a rose sauce and my hubby declared it one of his favourites. I did add lentils to the recipe which I think add a certain something to it. It was super good. We ate it all week and loved it.


If we were having coffee

(credit:Church Designer Magazine)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my hubby is still giving me the evil eye. In a display of incredible genius, I thew out my hubby’s new, never-used winter boots along with our other extras going to Goodwill. So, yesterday, we were back at the stores getting him a second pair of boots.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that our doggies know something is up. They keep watching us putting things in boxes and sniffing the contents with concern. I don’t know that they understand exactly what’s going on but I think they certainly know somethings up.

(credit: Natural Health 365)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that, as much as we have already done, it seems that there is stuff to pack everywhere you look. The garage itself is a nightmare for packing that I dread even starting. How do you pack a rake? A bottles of nameless fluids? Cables and brooms? Tools none of which are the same size?

Definitely, more coffee is needed.


A huge thank you to Eclectic Ali for hosting the Weekend Coffee share. This week’s link is here.

Where last week was a blur

I often hear on blogs that people are busy. They mention that they were just running around from one task to another and had no time for anything. I always wonder, what were they doing?

Well, this week was like that for me. I was running around like a headless chicken jumping from one task to another. Now, while this blog is not about personal details, I will give you a list of what it is that kept me so busy.

At my day job, I work with the public. They are lovely people but they are always needy. And it’s urgent and it’s the most important thing in the world and they needed it yesterday. While there are some people who have steeled themselves against those sad eyes and heartfelt pleas, I seem to believe everything they tell me….so, I end up trying to fix all their issues on top of the work I’m supposed to be doing.

At home, our house is giving us issues. We are in the process of selling and moving…and our well has decided to act up. Ours decided to give us water…with e-coli. One panic-stricken water test later, we’re tossing bleach into our pipes and well, wondering if we’re going to die. Believe it or not, the bleach didn’t seem to kill whatever was bothering our water, so we moved onto chlorine. And threw those tabs down the drains and the well for good measure.

The issue with that is that, while the chlorine is doing its job, we can’t use the water…

Fun week, right?

Still, check out this little guy. How adorable is that?



A quiet little town

I have mentioned that we’ve sold our house. It’s true. There’s a bright red sign on it shouting out to the world that it’s sold. So, we’ll be moving soon, to a new home in a new place.

We’re leaving our home and moving to a little, sleepy town north of here. Our new house is poky, full of character and nooks and corners. It’s surrounded by huge, old trees that have seen many stories and settled in a quiet street.

We were there today. Looking around the quaint little downtown area, getting a coffee and grinning like silly fools. It was mid morning and we were in the busiest area of town but something struck me as different in this sleepy little town.

It was the silence.

There was a woman walking three dogs that passed us and a man smoking a pipe with a shock of hair stuffed under his cap. There were some cars driving by but they were few and far between. Otherwise, nothing around made a sound.

It was so quiet.

Hubby and I chatted away, sipping our coffee dreaming of the day when he’ll work from our home in this quaint little town. We walked by small little stores full of oddities and a little old lady peering at a newspaper from inside a coffee shop. It almost as if time had stood still for this tiny little town.

The coffee was wonderful, the muffing we ate delicious but best of all, the very best of all, was the peace I felt. I can’t wait to live there.

Selling a house with doggies

We’re trying to sell our house. Did I share that with you? It’s been crazy here, so I might have completely dropped the ball on that. Ahem! News! We’re trying to sell our house. Now, most people try to sell and then buy a new house. Not us. We went looking and found a house we liked and suddenly, wanted to sell our house.

Of course, the problem with our approach is that now we’re desperate to sell. Desperate because if we don’t sell, we lose the house we want.

In order to sell, we have to clean, clean and then clean again, we have to get rid of those quirky things we thought we’d use and haven’t and we have to fix everything that might be wrong with it.

This means we’ve hired a contractor to put a new shower in a bathroom, we’re painting floors and giving things away to anyone who so much as approaches the house.

As a child, moving meant new friends who didn’t know I was a complete geek. It meant we could eat out more. And it meant sneaking forbidden toys into moving boxes.

Now, I have explained we’re moving to our doggies, who seem completely relaxed with the entire idea. In fact, they seem a little too relaxed.

I might have to keep a closer eyes on our boxes.

5 Horrors of moving

I have moved many times in my life, from one house to another and even across the Atlantic once. You’d think after doing it so often, I’d have the entire thing down to a science. Not so. There is however one pearl of wisdom I’d like to pass on.

If you have a choice, stay put.

We, however, have moved. And we suffered all of these horrors.

5. Leaving.

I hate saying goodbye but it’s worse when I don’t. So I said goodbye to our trees (we had named them…I know, we’re nuts), the river, the house, the flowers…It was awful.

4. Packing sucks.

There are never enough boxes. We bought around 50 of the things and still ran out. We ended up using garbage bags that tore apart as soon as we filled them.

P.S. You find out just how much useless stuff you have when you pack. Ahem…two wet vacs?

3. There are always accidents.

With us it was leaving things behind. Somehow, we left behind the cable of my beloved elliptical, a plant, a container of dog food and some bowls. Don’t ask me how we didn’t see them. I have no idea.’

P.S. Duck tape and hairy dogs do not mix well.

2. All those calls.

When you move, you have to unhook all the services that turn your home from a space to a livable heaven. All of them will have waiting times of at least 45 minutes and they probably all want you to ask for them to stop their service in writing. Fun huh?

Wait! You still have to hook up your new home! Yeap. Double those calls because none of those old services will work in your new house. Guaranteed.

1. Those fun last minute surprises.

Something, usually something big, but at least something will go awry. Either the sun they were promising will be replaced by rain, or the guy who was coming to connect the electricity got the wrong day or you lost the key to the new place. Something will go wrong because life likes to laugh.

With us it was our dog. Ocean decided she didn’t like to be left out of the fun and she managed to get out the door in the nanosecond it took for hubby to close it. While we screamed her name uselessly, she ran away to discover the new neighbourhood.

Now all we have to do is unpack…



Internet woes

I had arranged for the Wi-fi guy to arrive the very day we moved so we wouldn’t be without our beloved internet for even one night but, as luck would have it, the guy didn’t show up until the following week. For five days, we had no TV, no cell phone service and no Wi-Fi.

It got ugly.



Now, I have lived without them before. When I was a teen there was no internet and, back further, I can remember days when TV meant only a couple of channels. I know what it’s like to not have these luxuries. I also remember driving around in Europe in a car without seat belts. My point is, I like these things. They make me happy.



Things seem so much easier now that we have Wi-Fi, cells and roughly a million TV channels. How did we manage to do research before the internet? How did we share gossip? It seems like the internet is necessary for just about everything. These five days, I felt completely cut off without it.

When the guy showed up to connect us, I was beyond desperate to see him.

Buuuuut…I was also deep in a book.

So, I ignored the sound of the bell and let my hubby answer the door.





The joys and terrors of buying a house

We just sold our house and, as demanded by our buyers, we have to exit the residence in a couple of days. It was a fast sale. In fact, we sold our house and bought another one in under 24 hours. It’s the most coffee I have ever drunk in my life.

We wanted to find a home in the city. After years of living in the country, we were ready for amenities, conveniences and people. So, it should come as no surprise that we ended up finding our new home further away in the country than our present one.

It’s a cute little bungalow next to a lake and the Mecca of the mosquito world. It seems every winged insect has chosen to move to our new home to welcome us and tell us how much they love us. We have mosquitoes, black flies, horse flies and every type of bee and wasp. If elephant flies existed, we’d have those too.

While levelling our yard, we encountered rocks the size of small car. We kept them and moved them until they formed a circle hoping the dogs will like them. Since our new home is smaller, we have to get rid of things including furniture and clutter that has somehow accumulated in our basement. We also have to pack. The movers come on Thursday at 8am. Ready or not.

Nuts doesn’t even come close to describing how we’re acting. Maybe headless chickens. Maybe not even that.

Now the internet is acting up. Joy.