It’s a disaster in here

We’ve moved. We have all our things stuffed into the new house and we have survived the first night. The dogs went nuts in the new place, the movers forgot to read the labels on the boxes and dumped them everywhere and the tech guy could only find one phone jack.

This is definitely a two-cup-of-coffee day.

In the interim, check out this amazing dog blog and these hilarious memes that I stole from there. Aren’t they great?

A little post about a big move

Shhh! I’m supposed to be packing and putting things into boxes. But I snuck away from things for a second to do this post. No one knows I’m here.

We’re finally moving today. There are things everywhere. My lovely hubby is running around the house shoving things into boxes with little or no sense of order. The dogs definitely know something is up and they’re following us around the house like shadows.

Our plants, ready to go

Just stuff, everywhere

I didn’t sleep well last night, partly because my ongoing cold made an unwanted comeback and partly because I was so nervous about today. The movers are coming any minute now. We have a very kind friend coming to unhook the TV’s and hook them back up in our new place. There’s a internet guy coming to the new place to make sure we have internet today.

It’s going to be crazy.

I did explain to both fluffy doggiest how things were going to run today. I was very clear that they would not be left behind, that they were coming with us and that they would have a brand new house to explore and a brand new yard with a lovely new fence. This seemed to reassure both of them (well, that and the kisses that went along with the explanation) and they’re more relaxed now.

Hubby took one look at my face this morning and went to get two XL coffees.

Oh oh. He found me. I gotta go.

Moving while sick

We’re moving in a week. It’s so exciting and chaotic and scary…and I’m sick. Apparently, my immune system thinks this is the best time to throw a fit. Friday, I was feverish and it hasn’t gone away by today. I’m still off.

It’s the weirdest feeling in the world to go around to stores and malls while you’re sick. Especially if, like me, you have a fever. I was standing there, feeling an odd, out-of-body experience. I could hear things and see things but they felt like they were coming from far away.

I probably should have been in bed…but did I mention we’re moving? That moving date is coming, sickness or not. So, we were out and about and I just pushed through it.

It was still super weird. I felt like nothing mattered. The sales person was explaining something about technology for the new house and it might have well been the instructions on how to run the Space shuttle for all I understood.

My doggies seem to know I’m sick. River has always liked being around me but now it’s almost an obsession. He can’t be more than a few feet away from me, watching me, even when he’s sleeping, to see if I’m still there. When I go to bed, too sick to stay up, he comes with me.

It’s so lovely to have a nurse dog.

This is us

We’re in the middle of packing our house. We’re moving in 3 weeks and we didn’t want to leave things to the last minute. So, instead, we started packing weeks ago. As a result, everything we need is usually now in the depths of a box, somewhere.

This is us right now. Boxes everywhere.

Just in case you’re wondering, both our dogs are helping us move by blowing their coats at the same time. Yeap. They’re shedding like their lives depended on it and adding balls of fluff all around the house.

This was so yummy!

I did manage to cook something today. It’s a slightly different version of the cauliflower Alfredo from Oh She Glows. I added broccoli to the recipe instead of mushrooms simply because they were the vegetable I had around. It was super yummy.

I also tried this other vegan recipe for a rose sauce and my hubby declared it one of his favourites. I did add lentils to the recipe which I think add a certain something to it. It was super good. We ate it all week and loved it.