The joys and terrors of buying a house

We just sold our house and, as demanded by our buyers, we have to exit the residence in a couple of days. It was a fast sale. In fact, we sold our house and bought another one in under 24 hours. It’s the most coffee I have ever drunk in my life.

We wanted to find a home in the city. After years of living in the country, we were ready for amenities, conveniences and people. So, it should come as no surprise that we ended up finding our new home further away in the country than our present one.

It’s a cute little bungalow next to a lake and the Mecca of the mosquito world. It seems every winged insect has chosen to move to our new home to welcome us and tell us how much they love us. We have mosquitoes, black flies, horse flies and every type of bee and wasp. If elephant flies existed, we’d have those too.

While levelling our yard, we encountered rocks the size of small car. We kept them and moved them until they formed a circle hoping the dogs will like them. Since our new home is smaller, we have to get rid of things including furniture and clutter that has somehow accumulated in our basement. We also have to pack. The movers come on Thursday at 8am. Ready or not.

Nuts doesn’t even come close to describing how we’re acting. Maybe headless chickens. Maybe not even that.

Now the internet is acting up. Joy.





What the…

We’re selling our home. Last time we moved, we didn’t really pack until the movers were knocking on our door and it was an absolute disaster. The mere mention still causes me to shake with apprehension.

This time around, I wanted to be ready to go early. So I started getting rid of ‘junk’. It’s incredible how things collect around a house. Especially when one’s husband is afraid to get rid of anything.

My lovely hubby is a therapist and he doesn’t just have compassion for people in pain, lost animals or charities, he’ll rescue anything from an old school record to pictures of flowers.

I’ve found his dental records. From when he was 12. And paint, from our previous house. And tea lights…about a thousand of them.

Then there were the keys…


They seem like perfectly good keys and bring up the point: what do they open? We get in and out of our house and cars without their help so are they from our former home?

I wanted to throw them out while hubby was busy but that’s tricky. In my efforts to get rid of junk, I’ve thrown out valuables before. Once, we were almost stuck in Mexico because I threw out our papers to return–no joke.

Then there’s the fact that those keys will be useless if I leave them, but if I throw them out, they’ll open the safe with our passports or the next home we purchase. They might even haunt me or something.

No. It’s much better if I put them all into a little ziploc bag and leave them be. They’re obviously happy making their home with us.

My hubby would be proud…except if he read this post he’d also be suspicious.

I’ve thrown out those tea light candles.

We’re moving

It’s official. We’re moving. Our house goes up for sale on Tuesday and we’ll start going nuts trying to keep it clean for showings.

We saw our sales rep on Saturday and signed a million papers. A fancy photographer is coming on Monday to take pictures that, unlike mine, will not leave bits out. Our realtor informed us our home will be for sale online on Tuesday and we could start showings as early as Wednesday. I started panicking while my hubby grinned and said he felt good ‘vibes’ about the entire thing. My hubby often gets vibes. I told him he should see a doctor.

Our rep told us to minimize but not change things in the house. While we scratched our heads trying to decipher her message, River ate half a sofa chair. Obviously, he thought it didn’t go with our decor. Hubby freaked and declared River ‘Untrustworthy’.

I was going to ask him how his vibes were going but I had started hyperventilating and couldn’t talk.