Post ideas for writers

There are times when I’ve struggled to come up with an idea for my blog that has something to do with writing. It’s all good and fine to write about my dog (and I do that) but I’d like to try and maintain a little bit of purpose to the blog. That requires that my posts be about writing, or reading or something related to either. Coming up with a topic on a daily basis can be challenging.

So, when I found this site, I thought: great ideas and they’re specifically for writers who blog. Awesome.

It’s really great because there are those days when I’m running between my day job, my hubby and our very hyper akita and I barely have time to eat dinner, let alone think about my blog. I know everyone has days like that. So this is a great resource.

And here’s another link that I thought was great! Michael Hyatt had this great post for ideas that are really great (also for writers! Yeey!)

Finally, Julie Jarnagin has a great post for writers who want ideas (101 of them!):

Reading them got me going. Certainly gave me some great ideas to use. I’m hoping they’ll help you out as well! Don’t worry if this post disappears, I’ve added these to the Resources page.