Great blogs on Writing

Found some great blogs on writing. These are great for references and ideas. They’ve all won awards and are really easy to get into. Enjoy! – Won the Writer’s Digest Award. Has a great selection of topics and posts. Amazing site. – Also won the Writer’s Digest Award. It’s a great site with great selection and they’re all on romance! Yeey! – Awesome blog and very interesting to get that male perspective in writing! I’ve mentioned him before as an excellent resource. He is that, he’s also an author and was a literary agent. Amazing blog. – Another great blog and, this time, written by women!

Posts I really liked this week

This week’s posts that tickled my fancy!

I don’t know how Sourcerer manages to have such engaging posts and on such cool topics. I’m always in awe. Here’s the latest one to make my jaw drop.

This one is by Gene’O on the A to Z challenge. I thought his plan was awesome. I love reading about literature and I’m really looking forward to his posts.

Infinitefreetime is one blog not to be missed and this week, he had the proper urinal etiquette. Who knew men followed this? I had no idea. Hilarious. Nope. Change my mind, this one on chemicals is better. Hm…okay, they’re both laugh out loud funny.

This one is from Men with Pens an excellent site. The post I really liked talks about why writers can’t write at times. I thought it was dead on and very insightful.

This one is from Nina Kaytel. She wrote 50 000 words in three days and describes her process to find the ‘hero’ in her story. Very, very interesting.

Jen wrote a great little group of inspirational quotes from the greats. I loved them. What a great post!

Now Frances and Lynne had this great post on the ending of Harry Potter. I couldn’t believe what J.K Rowling said! Check it out!

Great news: Ankush Meta is back on his blog: I, for one, am thrilled to have him back.