Ten Guilty Pleasures of Reading.

We all do it. If we’re readers, we do them. Come on, own up. I certainly have done all of these at one time or another.

1. Stayed up all night to finish that book because I just couldn’t go to bed until I got closure (aka finished the book). This is not a problem during holidays…more of an issue when the next day is a workday.

2. Read the entire book in the bookstore. Ridiculous? Yeap. Still did it. Will probably do it again because some books, once you start…there’s no way you can put the brakes on.

3. Read while someone else was watching TV. Do this all the time. TV doesn’t hold one one hundredth the attraction of a good book. Sorry. Not even close.

4. Skipped a meal to read. Shouldn’t do this one. I know. Skipping a meal is bad. BAD. I just had to read one more page…Just one more page…and that was the name of the song until I was done.

5. Read in places I should NOT be reading. Work (bad, bad…really, really BAD–especially when I was at a staff meeting and our boss was doing a presentation and I got caught!). Parking lot after just buying the book (Ridiculous! Come on, get home, then read!). When you were supposed to be doing laundry, cooking (Nightmare. Everything burns!), feeding the dog (waaay too much kibble).

6. Sniffed a new book to get that smell. Ahh! The New-Book smell. There’s nothing like it. Though old books also have their particularly tempting scent. Walk into a bookstore and take a deep breath…ahhh. So nice.

7. Read until your eyes hurt. I have. Often. Miraculously I don’t need glasses…yet.

8. Brought so many books on a holiday away from home that I had to take out clothes to make room in the suitcase. I won’t mention the weight of the thing (note to self: Kindle).

9. Read a book so many times I know parts like litany. Often. It’s sad, I know. But I know some of them like a prayer.

10. You carry a book around all the time. Even to the gym!