The Liebster Award…

So I received the Liebster Award. I got a message in my blog and, at first, I was thrilled. Then, when I read the ‘steps’ I had to follow, I became slightly suspicious.

The only requirement for the Liebster Award is that you have less than 1000 followers. That’s it. You don’t have to have any merit, any outstanding contributions, any great posts. That raised my doubt and I did some looking around. It seems no one polices this award. As far as I could tell, there are even different variations for the award and different rules that different people follow. That didn’t sound very regulated or official to me.

Then I had to do a lot of work to simply post the logo of the award on my blog. There are steps to follow. But, the worst part, was that I had to give this award to 11 other blogs and basically dump on them the job of following those steps. I would give them work. It seemed a lot like an annoying email chain letter.  And I could understand if they didn’t appreciate that one bit.

At the same time, there are arguments for the Award. It highlights new blogs (like mine) and helps create a closer community. It also increases awareness of these new blogs and brings traffic.

Any thoughts? Do you think this is just a chain letter and too annoying for words? Or perhaps you’d like to receive this award? If there are 11 of you interested in getting it out there, I’ll certainly pass it on :-).