Just keep writing…Keep writing…

I want to write, I do, but there are days when I don’t. I have a lot of excuses (We’re selling our house, the dogs (both) are shedding their coats and we have a fruit fly infestation) but the truth is I have trouble getting down to it.

I found these post particularly helpful to get my butt into the chair.

Claire Cook recommends breaking it down. She says she writes two pages a day. Just two but she does that come rain or shine and it keeps the story moving forward.

Annabel Candy wrote this one on her favourite motivation tips. Only six and they’re awesome.

This one is 31 ways to find Inspiration for your writing by Leo Babauta.

But since I’m writing this post, it’s pretty obvious that I’m not working on my WIP. Nuts.

What about you? Do you have favourite ways to make sure you keep writing?

Writing lessons

I’ve written my entire life but it wasn’t until I self-published and started doing it with a purpose that the lessons came.

I’ve learned that keeping a blog will help me write.

I’ve learned that bloggers are some of the kindest people.

I’ve learned that self-publishing is both hard and awesome at once.

I’ve learned that what I write online is both public and permanent.

And I’ve learned that writing a book is a labour of love.

I read this great blog: Zenhabits.net and found this post on ‘What I’ve learned as a writer‘ by Leo Babauta. An amazing, uplifting post.

I particularly liked his Number 8; procrastination is your friend. And his number 12; jealousy is idiotic. If you’re looking for something positive and Yoda-like, check it out.

How about you? What have you learned from writing?

Unlocking creativity

I think all writers fear the dreaded Writer’s Block. I find that the more I edit, the harder it is to be creative. When I am editing I have to go back to refresh my inspiration and work at it more than normal.

But how do we get inspired?

Here is a post on 19 habits to help you unlock your inner creative muse by Katherine Brooks. And here is another on 6 steps to being more creative by Leo Babauta. And here’s another one on 6 things you need for that inner muse to go to work by Tanner Christensen. Finally, here’s K.M. Weiland’s great post on Six tips for great ideas in writing.

Go for it! Unleash your inner muse! 🙂