Our lawn’s issues

We’re trying to sell our house. To that end, we’ve bought decorative towels to stage the bathrooms, candles for effect and flowers to spruce our deck. It would be nice if our property cooperated, but so far, no luck.

Our lawn has some serious issues and I’m not talking dandelions here. It seems the land around our house has decided that green is old and different is in. So, it’s growing all sorts of non-grassy items.


What is that exactly? I mean, I know it’s a mushroom but it’s roughly the size of a plate. I doubt it’s edible and it’s not doing a lot for the look of our lawn. It’s not alone either. It has a brother who looks even more non-edible than this guy. Ew.

We don’t really have grass in large areas of our property either. Instead, we have this.


However, if home-buyers manage to see past the mushrooms and strange, green growth, they’ll see our stream.


It actually has little fish in it! And other cute inhabitants.IMG_0333

Our home has great potential. They might take a stroll and love it…or step on dog poo poo and hate it.