Ignore your novel

I’ve heard it said that an author should walk away from their novel and let it rest.  The advice goes something like this: ‘Did you just finish your draft? Good. Walk away and don’t touch it.’

Ahem. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t do that. I go from first draft into second immediately. No rest for this gal.

Is it a mistake?

Catharine Bramkamp claims it is in this great post. “…growing and nurturing the space between the first draft and the second draft is the most important thing you can do for your work.”

Linda S. Clare recommends the exact same thing in this post. “ I recommend letting it rest a month or more.”

They’re not alone. Here are a few others: CG Blake; Kay Kenyon. The idea is that, after a break, you’ll hit your work with fresh eyes.

That manuscript, you’ve just slaved over for months, is compared to bread dough.images-18

Apparently, it needs time to rise to its potential.

FD_1It’s certainly food for thought. 🙂