Posts I loved this week

I loved these posts because they were so eclectic. From congratulations to Shakespeare, there’s everything in here. An absolute feast for the reader.

The top 5 posts Ever for Sourcerer, absolutely an awesome post. I loved checking them out and seeing what was a hit. Only five but they’re incredible. Thank you so much to Sourcerer for that post!

 is a funny, funny writer. I always enjoy his posts. This one is a ‘dictionary’ for the aspiring writer. (again, don’t drink hot liquids while reading this–snorting almost guaranteed). A big thank you to Writer Unboxed for the great post.

A huge congrats to Harliqueen for her upcoming book “Prophecy of Stones”. The cover is absolutely breathtaking and the book sounds even better. Check it all out here. There’s even an excerpt.

On that note, a great congrats to Nancy H. Doyle for finishing that first draft! Her plan of action now inspired me. So smart! Congrats again, Nancy! That’s awesome!

This one got me because it’s such a good cause but also because of it’s ingenuity. I never thought of board games as a way to help little kids read. What a great idea! Thanks to Katey Writes for that inspiring post!

The Ten best Blog posts of the year, this had me at the title. But this particular post is by Pecked to Death by Chickens an awesome site. This post is not to be missed. (Laughter guaranteed, I recommend no one drink coffee while reading in case of snorting).

I loved this post because it made me stop and ponder why do I only write one genre of books? Hm. If you’re considering that thought, check out the post by Jodie Llewellyn. It’s simply fantastic.

A huge congrats to Winter Bayne for her First Place Finish. Not only is she one of the most supportive people I know, she’s an incredibly talented writer. Check out her site and see. This one is going places!

Funny and witty, I loved this post. The ten characters I’d want with me on a deserted island…I gotta admit those are really good choices. Another top notch post thanks to Sourcerer.

I’ve often read posts from Drifting Through my Open Mind. The writing is superb and the topics are awesome. Plus, there’s an honesty that just really appeals to me. Check out this great, funny post on Night Owls and see for yourself. A big thank you for that great post!

I’m always interested in movies made after books. I might curse like a sailor when I see they took liberties with my favourite characters, but odds are I’ll watch. Check out this post on upcoming movies made from books. Everything from Fifty Shades to Outlander is there. A huge thanks to Frances and Lynne for the great post and links!

My favourite reblog of the week is this one by Harliqueen. Small but powerful.

Fascinating post about Shakespeare in the Original Pronounciation. A huge thank you to Part Time Monster for that awesome post!

This one was just too funny to leave behind. It’s by Outmanned, which already means it’s awesome, and 14 Ways Fifty Shades of Grey is like Disney Land. I laughed out loud. So good.

An awesome post on how to create Mind-Blowing heroines by K.M. Weiland, I thought this one was brilliant and dead on. A huge thank you to The Procrastiwriter for the fantastic post!

Both funny yet moving, Why: Reading is a Modern Superpower was definitely one of my favourite posts this week. A big thank you to James Radcliffe for that great post!

Finally, this one was simply delicious, 10 Awesome Fictional Females. What a great post by Infinitefreetime.

Posts I loved this week

This week might have been hectic for me (house selling and hunting) but post-wise, it didn’t disappoint me. What an amazing set of beautiful posts. A big thank you to everyone for those inspirational articles.

I loved this post because it’s just so beautifully written. It sounds like summer and feels like a story. One of those I just didn’t want it to end. A big thank you to Katey Writes for the wonderful post.

If you struggle with dialogue or are looking to spruce it up, here‘s a great post on how to write great dialogue. It has easy steps, and better still, examples!

A great post uniting writing and soccer (genius!) by Jevon Knights. The great suggestions and tips made me really glad I had read it. Plus, did I mention it has writing and soccer? YUM!

Few things move me more than hearing someone’s dream. In this version of ‘If we were having coffee’ Just Gene’O shares his. And it’s truly beautiful. Like all dreams are.

A big happy birthday to Infinitefreetime! From Sourcerer and all of us. He celebrated by making his book The Benevolence Archives free. If you don’t have a copy yet, it’s a great book!

On that same subject, check out this review by Winter Bayne. Without giving anything away, she writes a fantastic review. What’s good, what she liked, what she’d want more of, it’s all in there. Plus a bit of humour. And, while we’re at it, here‘s another fantastic review of a very useful book for authors. Thanks so much, Winter!

This one made me stop and think. A great post on off-peak posting by Sourcerer. So, so smart and I would have never thought of it on my own. A big thanks to him for that insightful post!

If you’re into the Classics, check out this post about Charles Dickens. So well written, so insightful and just a pleasure to read–she even put quotes! I loved each and every word. Thanks for that wonderful post, Margarita Morris!

A beautiful, inspirational piece on writing by Cristian Mihai titled: ‘What if I fall?‘. For those days when becoming an author seems like an impossibility.

If you’re struggling with Writer’s Block, this one is for you. It has 10 ways to beat it that are simple, hands on and have to do with writing. A great big thank you to Shannon Donnelly for that great post!

I loved this post from Sourcerer. It’s a countdown, a confession and an insight into the mind behind the blog. Absolutely awesome post!

I love those Wordless Wednesdays and they’re everywhere! Check out this post by Part Time Monster and this one by Sourcerer.

The Write Practice has this funny post for those writers who tend to hide away. Light and witty, it made me smile. Thank you Carlos Cooper for that great post!

This post has 5 tips for guest blogging on Pen and Prosper. A gold mine of information, this blog is not to be missed. Check out the resources on the side under ‘Sites for Information and Inspiration’. Marketing tips for authors, led me to Training Authors for Success and the post: 12 Must-Follow Blogs for Authors. Daily blog tips is another amazing resource, this time for bloggers.

A big congrats to Callum McLaughlin for his awesome accomplishments. Check them all out here and see the reason we all think this blog deserves all those awards!

I loved this one because I needed to read it. I forget to write and throw those expectations out the door. They sneak and creep their way back in and sink my writing. A fantastic article and one I desperately needed to hear. Thank you so much, !

Finally, this beautiful post on how to write that so-important first kiss by . A definite must-read for us romance writers.