Ode to Scrivener

I love Scrivener. I think I might have rambled on about this before but I certainly didn’t do it justice. Joanna Penn does in her great post in The Creative Penn.

If you’ve never heard of it, Scrivener is a program that helps authors write…anyway they write. So, if you are like me, someone who likes to go back and fix things or add a scene or delete a scene, you won’t have to go through scrolling-hell to do it. Scrivener sets up your writing in scenes that you can move around and delete and add with a little click of the button.

It’s hard to visualize but that’s where Joanna’s amazing post comes in because she (unlike me) has awesome pictures that helps you see what you’re going to get in Scrivener.

She also has links to tutorials so you can get the most out of it. She also mentions the top 8 reasons why Scrivener will just change the way your write–for the better.

That Corkboard, for example, is incredible. You can set up scenes and write them later, move them around and brainstorm your way through your plot and story lines until they meet the way you want–without ever having to use multiple pages or other programs.

Finally, as if I haven’t said enough about this program, it actually formats your book into an epub, mobi, pdf, word doc or just about any format you’d like. No joke!

Scrivener is awesome.

Great posts for writers

These are all posts by writers for writers. Great, inspirational and interesting, I couldn’t but share them.

This one is a neat post on how the World’s most brilliant people spend their days. Pretty cool because they have graphs comparing their sleep and work hours. Kevin Short explains strange little facts about them as well, like how Victor Hugo used to wake up by gunshot (what?) and have a cold bath on his roof. Obviously, he didn’t live in Canada.

Another beautifully written post is this one by . It talks about the need writers have to write and she explains it beautifully. I read it and sighed. It’s that good.

 wrote a powerful post on how to use fear and pain to drive your story forward. I don’t know about you, but I try to avoid both fear and pain but, after reading her post, I’m thinking they might have some value after all.

Now I’m self-published but, if you’re trying to find an agent, here‘s a great post on how to write a query letter. It’s never easy or fun but Cody Wagner has a great guide with examples on how to do a great job. A big thanks to Joe Bunting for the tip!

Just found this amazing site and couldn’t help but recommend this post. It’s by Victoria Grefer and I simply loved it. How to humanize a villain, love it. Loved the ideas too. And here‘s another one that I simply loved on magic in everyday life. Loved it too. What a great blog!

Christian Mihai couldn’t be left out of this bunch. Check out his great post on writing advice. Awesome!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. They certainly made my morning delicious!

On self-doubt

I’ve thought about stopping. I’ve had days where I wondered why I thought I could do it in the first place. English is my third language. Third. I have an accent that shouts out loud it’s not my Mother Tongue. I studied Math in university. Not English. How could I ever be a writer?

Every writer struggles with self-doubt at some point. We all have those little voices in our heads that tell us the many reasons we can’t be writers. I’m not going to tell you that you can do it or that you can’t. But I can share what other authors have written on self-doubt that helped me.

Bryan Hutchinson wrote a great article on self-doubt. The quotes alone he includes are worth the read (at least for me).

This one by June Whittle is a great post with links to resources for overcoming self-doubt and also has a link for those of us who’re not native English speakers!

Jeff Goins talks about dreaming when others think you’re…well nuts. It’s a lovely post and really encouraging.

Jody Calkins has this great post on positive things you can do to shut up those negative thoughts.

I absolutely loved this one by Joanna Penn on persistence. She has great advice and tips for authors struggling with self-doubt.

Finally, Kelly Leitner did this great article on overcoming self-doubt and this one on the fear of writing.

As always, I hope these help you when you’re thinking of shutting the laptop for good. Hang in there. 🙂