Where I take pictures of the tow truck operator

The tow truck just came and out of it emerged quite the character. He was bent over and looked…young at heart. After a little talking, he explained he has been towing trucks for 58 years. Fifty eight. And he winked at me and admitted he was into his 80s.

Would you like to see him? I took the liberty of taking a couple of pictures.

He hoped on the truck and secured my beloved Jeep just like he was in his twenties and was soon driving off into the distance.

Some situations are too funny.


Where my jeep is sick

My beloved vehicle almost died this morning. We went out, early in the day, to have a little run, just the two of us and, when we got home, dark, ominous smoke was coming from under the hood.

My poor little Jeep is in dire straights. I’ve called the dealership and they can’t even look at him for two whole days.

So, for the next two days, I’m Jeep-less.

And, yes, it has oil…

What was actually wrong with my little Jeep is still a mystery, one, I hope, that won’t cost too much. That would really hurt.