Review: Bitten

Okay, I loved this book. It just seemed to work for me in every sense. The writing is delicious, the main character, Elena was awesome and the hero was both funny and admirable. Yes, there were a couple of parts that were a little gruesome for me (this book is often categorized under horror) but overall, it was superb.

The story follows Elena, our heroine, through a return to her pack. She’s a reluctant werewolf who helps her friends against an uprising of threatening intruders.

The book is written in the first person and it’s so personal, I felt like I was Elena. She’s simply fantastic. Selfless, determined and as tough as nails, she’s a great heroine to take us through the book.

Clayton is the hero and he’s not your typical romance hero. For one, he makes mistakes all the time (one of which sent Elena running away from the pack) and for another, he’s not the leader of the pack and has a terrible temper. Still, Clayton makes a very inspiring and realistic hero. He adores Elena and is consistently trying to win her over. Even if he messes it up.

The plot revolves about the pack fighting to keep those threatening lone werewolves from taking over their territory and of course the love story. We can see that there’s a thick rich history behind the story and amazing secondary characters like Jeremy, the leader of the pack, Nick and Antonio.

It was a bit gory for me but I’ll be the first to admit, I hate fights of any sort in books. The writing was excellent, the love story superb and the characters awesome. More than all that, it was a book that managed to create werewolves into credible, realistic beings who struggle with issues just like humans and aren’t just running about enjoying their powers. If you enjoy paranormal romance or romance or horror, this is one you shouldn’t skip. A definite keeper-shelf book.



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An interesting visit to the vet

We took Ocean to have her nails done. She’s a squirmy thing and she doesn’t like getting her nails cut (I have yet to meet a dog that likes that particular aspect of doggie life). We thought we’d be in and out in less than twenty minutes…well, we got a little surprise.

Before we go any further, I should explain that, in the past, we tried to do our dogs nails ourselves and it was a disaster. We tried everything, and I mean everything, from a nail clipper to a horse file (Lobo was 175 lbs at one point…a horse file seemed to fit). We tried sneaking and filing them while they slept, we tried holding them and clipping, we tried tempting them with cookies, we’ve tried bribery with cheese…nothing worked. The last time, Ocean squirmed as I pressed on the clipper and I cut her  nail too short. She bled…and I cried, my husband cried, I even think Groucho the tree cried. The resulting trauma almost sent both my husband and I into therapy and we decided right then and there, that it was a job for professionals. So, now, Ocean goes to get her nails done.

That’s where our very patient vet comes in. He cut her nails in seconds while she licked his ears, then examined Ocean from head to fluffy tail and pronounced her healthy until…(get ready for something horrible) he checked her bum.That’s when he discovered a little surprise. Apparently, Ocean has an anal gland issue. Anal. As in…a gland inside that area.

I innocently asked why (Oh WHY on the Good Lord’s green earth!) would an animal have a gland in that area and (get ready for more horror) I was told it was designed to contain liquid. The mere thought made me want to vomit over our very patient vet but he wasn’t done. He went on to explain why dogs want to contain liquid there and…Well, it’s better if we move right along here. The explanation is worse than even I can recount and I’ll spare you, gentle reader. Suffice it to say that dogs have an anal gland. Ocean’s problem is that her gland wasn’t working properly and (get ready for even worse horror) it needed to be emptied.

Oh. Sweet. Innocence.

Our vet proceeded to empty the thing (Mental note: never, ever become a vet)…which made the tiny examination room smell like the world’s largest sewer. My husband decided he needed to leave immediately, I felt nauseous and even the vet lost his patient smile. The only one unaffected, was Ocean. In fact, she was curiously sniffing her behind wondering what all the fuss was about.

Don’t dogs have a sense of smell that’s like a thousand times more sensitive than ours?



Stephen King terrifies me

I don’t read Stephen King. Ever.

See, the thing is I did read him. Back a thousand years ago (possibly longer), I read a couple of his books. I read Carrie, Thinner and Fire Starter. They scared me, but the writing was good and easy to get into. So, I continued to look for his books.

Big mistake.

I found a big book by him titled ‘It’. I thought since it was thicker, I would enjoy the book that much longer…Good theory but, as it turned out, not so good in practice.

Saying that ‘It’ is scary is like saying the sky is blue, winter is cold and water is wet. It doesn’t do it justice or explain the sheer, unadulterated terror those pages evoked. I was terrified doesn’t do it either. I was beyond scared, beyond terrified. I was so horrified that the mere mention of Stephen King still causes goosebumps on my arms today and the hairs on my neck to stand up.

His work is that scary. My brain simply can’t handle Stephen King. I can barely tolerate typing his name. So I don’t read him. Ever.

I heard him say once that he “had the heart of a boy…Kept in a jar in his basement.” That sums him up for me. He’s so obviously talented at horror, a mere mortal like myself can never hope to cope. So, I stay away.

It’s cheaper than therapy.