An odd little find

Our house hasn’t sold yet but, ever the optimist, I’m still trying to declutter. That was what led me to this strange find.


That thing has been hanging in our front entrance closet since we moved in. I’ve never really given it much thought. In fact, I don’t even think I noticed it…until I started clearing the coats. Then I picked it up and thought, what on earth are you?

See that small knob thing on the side? It’s a handle. That thing is a box. And it opens. So I opened it.



The red thing inside the box is a teeny, tiny binder. As in, binder with papers. So I opened that too.


It was written in 1968 and that freaked me out. I felt like Indiana Jones as I read the entries. It’s written by the previous owner (and only owner of the house) as they readied the land to make the house and started building. It ends some time in the 1980’s as they finished the last touches on the house and warns that the box should always be kept inside the house.


I was pretty thrilled to have found this historic thing inside our entrance closet. Not that it’s old enough to be of interest to any historian or anything but there’s something mystical about finding a message from the previous owners of one’s house. Specially a message with a warning. *Cue spooky music*