If We Were Having Coffee…

I love these posts. They’re interesting, easy to read and sound like I’m talking to a friend over coffee. There’s something about the way Part Time Monster writes that’s captivating.

It’s All In The Chocolate – A Frozen Conspiracy Theory

I had to reblog this because it’s absolutely brilliant. Hilarious, witty and with a little satire, it’s as intelligent as it is well written. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

On why I hate all life

Hilarious. I laughed out loud at this one and had to share it. So good. A big thank you to Infinitefreetime for the laugh.

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We bought our house in February or March of 2011.  I have the exact date somewhere I’m sure but for the purposes of this blog post it doesn’t really matter all that much.  Just be aware that our inspection report from before we moved in specifically states that a roof inspection wasn’t possible because there was a foot of snow and ice on the roof.  It could have been made of pancakes and toaster strudel for all we knew before we moved in.

We were prepared to take that risk, on account of the fact that the interior of the house appeared to have been well taken care of, and there were indications that the original owner of the home was actually the builder, so we figured that the place had been well-maintained.

Note that the home inspector does not inspect your lawn for you, and that if the roof…

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I loved this post. I read it and tried to put it out of my mind…and it haunted me all night. All. Night. I couldn’t put it out of my mind and finally I had to go and re-read it. Then reblog it. Be warned though, spoilers ahead.
I started to read it and it immediately caught my interest. That phrase: “I do not believe in magic.” was genius because it created interest. I knew that something was going to happen to Montgomery that would challenge that belief and I wanted to find out what it was.
Then the description of the book. I was there. I could actually smell the old books and feel the pressure in the room. I could believe I had been in a room like that. And when he mentioned that he was going to open the door…well, I’m in terrified anticipation for what happens next. I really hope, he’ll post a part two to this because….well, I need closure.
Sheer genius. That writing caught my interest like a fist and I’m still wondering what on earth is going to happen when he opens that door…yikes.


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My name is Montgomery Vale, and I do not believe in magic.

I repeat myself:  I do not believe in magic.

I do not believe in magic, and therefore nothing I am about to write can be true.  I am an old man, asleep in my bed, and the night’s ill humours are clearly affecting my dreams.  I write to calm my nerves, to simply record the events of recent hours.  For if I am sane—if any of this has truly happened—I must leave warning for others.

I write because I may be insane, for surely none of this can have happened.

I write because the door must not be opened.

 It seems ages ago that I found the book, but it can scarcely have been more than a day.  I found it in my own library, on the floor by the fireplace.  It was a massive tome, five…

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The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I went to the used book store yesterday and found a couple of books…One of them was The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I thought I’d just start it, just read a bit this morning…fast forward a few hours and my husband asked me if I was leaving the house today. The answer, of course, was not yet. A few hours later, I finished the book.

The Great Escape is another of those great books I’ll reread. I loved it from the start. I loved the premise and I loved Lucy. She was a kid who had been trying to help everyone her entire life and finally, on the eve of her wedding, has a bit of a breakdown and runs off. I love stories about new starts. What would she do? How was she going to figure out her life? I was hoping that Ms. Phillips wouldn’t make the mistake of trivializing Lucy’s challenges by dealing with them overnight. I wasn’t disappointed.

Lucy figures things out the way we all do, making mistakes, taking one step forward and two back, slowly and over time. I loved being along for the ride. She also runs off with a very shady character who has a few surprises for her (I won’t ruin the book by giving anything away). Lucy and Panda have rich, dark pasts and issues to work out. I love stories that deal with problems that feel real and don’t just fix major traumatic events with a few lines.

The awesome thing about Ms. Phillips is her secondary characters are almost as good as her first and, this book didn’t disappoint. I laughed and cried with them and, though I wanted to only hear about Lucy, I fell in love with them anyway. They were really likeable.

Another keeper for me. I know I’ll join them again and reread the book with delight because I know just how good it is.

(credit: goodreads.com)

(credit: goodreads.com)