Your lens is creating your world…

Loved this post from James Need. Just fantastic and so empowering. I’m rereading it now and just feeling so peaceful. I loved it. What a wonderful message.

50 Best Websites for Writers

A huge thank you to Kelsie Engen for this amazing resource. I’m definitely putting it into my bookmarks right now. Awesome!

The Written Word Remains...

Because life has gotten in the way of my planned post this week, I leave you instead with a link to a page offering 50 of the best websites for writers, here.

Check back next week for the second half of my post about point of view and how important it is to choose the right POV.


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My hat goes off to Outmanned

I’m not a parent but I know it’s hard. I know there are moments when the little darlings create such chaos that sanity is a far away dream. Then I read this week’s posts by Outmanned. I had no idea. I really had no idea.

I want to beg your indulgence and recap these two episodes. Take the first: I mean, no sleep, changing bed after bed, then stepping on…a doggie ‘present’. I was shuddering just thinking about it. How does she do it?

I was sure after that post there’d be one coming with something positive, something heart-warming, a hug or a touching story. Nope. Life had another round in store for Outmanned. Oh, sweet gods above.

The amazing thing is, while I would be stuttering incoherently and possibly need an exorcist, not only does she shrug it off, she finds time to blog about it. And take pictures! How does she do it?

One thing is certain, I can’t wait for the next post.

How to write a successful blog post

Excellent advice. This blog has been nominated for the WordPress award “Freshly pressed” and I think this post is an excellent example of why. Great tips!


Many of us write well. Many of us also engage with really important or popular issues in our blog posts. Yet, some bloggers turn out more successful than others. How does that happen? What’s the big secret?

The most fundamental answer to this question about the big secret of writing a successful blog post is that there isn’t one. Readers know good content when they see it. They will not read anything that does not add value in some way (unless it’s your mother reading, of course!). So writers need to focus on quality first before anything else.

Yet, I’ve seen many great blogs that fail to engage the reader even with good content. “How does that happen?” I’ve asked myself many a time and have come up with the following cautionary points meant for good writers.

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Little blog, big resources

I love finding resources online. I’m a blogger and a writer and, to do those well, I need resources, tips, how-to’s and suggestions. That requires finding and reading great blogs. It also requires luck finding them in the first place.

I got lucky finding this blog. It’s Her blog is both incredibly professional and full of resources. Like what? Well, like blogging tips and this great one for tags: Veda also has marketing tools and strategies.

She’s also incredibly positive. She has posts on the power of positive thinking and the idea that we get back what we give away. I know that might not be everyone’s cup of tea and I honestly respect that. Personally, I’m all for it.

Veda used to be a vet tech and now lives in Ontario with a little jack russell.  Her goal is to help others. Isn’t that awesome? I love blogs like that. I, for one, can use all the help she can send my way.

Now, if you found an amazing blog full of resources you don’t mind sharing with this blogger, let me know! We’ll spread the word and benefit everyone involved! 🙂


I loved this post. It’s on, a fantastic blog. I thought it changed that entire ‘resolution’ thing of the New Year into something beautiful and positive. Those items on her list certainly hit home with me. Loved it!


This is not a list of New Year’s Resolutions.

I gave up on those many a New Year ago.  I may be a slow learner, but I finally realized that by January 3 of every year, at the latest, my list of resolutions was always a train wreck and I had lost whatever few remaining shreds of self esteem inspired the creation of the list in the first place.

So never mind all that.  I assure you the principles I’m talking about here:

(a) were drafted last August;

(b) are not to be thought of as “resolutions;” and

(c) were inspired by a redhead in her forties who has become well known, in blogging circles and beyond, not for resolutions but for her pursuit of happiness.  The redhead is Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project and Happiness at Home.  Her blog is called The Happiness Project.  [If…

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The importance of Tags: for bloggers

I used to think tags just came on clothes…ah, the innocence. Tags are an important part of  blogging. A very important part. Apparently, the search engines out there use tags to send traffic to blogs. Sooo, if you want to have people come to your blog, you want to tag your posts very carefully. In fact, you want to tag your post under the topics people are most interested in.

WordPress can help. It has a Tag cloud with all the most popular tags in different sizes. The larger they are, the more popular they are (I honestly didn’t know that at first. No laughing).

If you want more traffic, you can go to the cloud and ‘tag’ your post under one of the largest categories. Be warned, if you have a post on baking chocolate chip cookies and you tagged it under ‘Top Stories Travel’ just to get traffic, that same traffic might get ticked that you’re misleading them and your idea might backfire.

If you want more traffic, you can also use more tags but there’s a catch here too. WordPress will penalize you…more on this later.

Now, you might be wondering how on earth does a newbie blogger like myself come to know this great info? Well, I can’t take any credit for any of this. Nope. I’m standing on the shoulders of giants (or one giant as it happens). This all comes from a great post by Gene’O in his great blog: Sourcerer. He has a post with the link to the WordPress Tag Cloud, a clear explanation on the number of tags you’re allowed and great tips for bloggers who have no idea (like me!). Here’s the link: