Pay It Forward Friday: Wanted

Pay It Forward Fridays came from this post by Emily Guido. The idea is to feature a blogger or author on Fridays and give them a little shoutout. Anyone goes as long as they’re interested.

I’ve received an incredible amount of support from bloggers, authors and people I’ve met on line who didn’t know me and were just very kind, supportive souls. And, when I read that post by Emily Guido, I thought: time to give back.

I loved this quote from Emily’s mother:

“I cast a couple of pieces of bread on the water and the waves bring me back a ham sandwich.”

Karma is a beautiful thing.

So far, I’ve been picking people but it occurred to me that some might not appreciate it or the timing might not be what they want. Instead, I thought I’d ask.

Are you interested in getting a little attention? Is there a date that might suit you? My blog is humble but I promise to give it all my shouting power. You can contact me through the Contact tab and keep your comment private. Or you can suggest someone else who might be too shy to speak for themselves.

Or you might be sick of this feature, ask that I stop, in the name of all the gods above, and get a new idea. I’m good with that too.