Posts I loved this week

Spring has sprung and we have an amazing selection of posts! Check out these beauties.

I don’t know if I have mentioned how much I like blog writers. It’s the reason I started this weekly post. There are some amazing writers out there. I read some of their posts and simply sigh with joy at how well they write. Here‘s an example in the blog Kateywrites. Funny, light-hearted and easy to read. The post flows so well, it’s deceptive just how difficult it is to write so eloquently. Katey is one talented writer…and funny to boot! Loved it!

Outmanned did it again and I laughed out loud at this post…while in a coffee shop full of people. I don’t care. It was worth all the stares. What a great post! Then she wrote this one and I almost cried. She can make me laugh and cry. What a gifted writer.

I loved, loved this post on The Writing Catalog because Gene’O described a dream he has had for years and, I suspect, kept hidden. It takes a lot of guts to disclose something like that. It’s a beautiful dream that I hope sees the light of day. It resonated with me because it was so full of promise and potential. And the story of how it was born is so beautiful. A secret dream, kept hidden for years…Sigh.

A great idea from Mishka Jenkins on how to improve your visualization for writing. Check out this post from A Writer’s Life for Me.

Nathan Bransford’s site is always informative. This week he wrote this post on ways to tell if you have a good agent. Coming from someone who was once an agent himself, the post is a sure way to know if you have a good one. Ahem. Being self-published, I don’t have one but, if you do, check it out.

 wrote this great post on books about writing in Writer Unboxed. Lots of times, I too searched for the magical formula that would make my book an instant best seller. The truth is, there’s no such thing. A big thank you to Ms. McHenry for such a great post!

This one is a great post for procrastinators. A big thank you to Donna Cummings, who explains a great trick to get you going. I’ve done it and it really works.

I just about died laughing with this one. Turns out Infinitefreetime is a teacher and he just returned from a trip with a group of his students. This is what he posted as he arrived. Ha!

DBCII wrote this post about Hooks. The title alone had me interested and the post didn’t disappoint. From Twitter to newspapers, it was a great overview about hooks and what role they play in our world. Great post!

Now Winter Bayne is deep into Camp Nano but she still managed to write this great post. I particularly loved it because it was funny, true and touching all at once. Even managed to get a cutie-patootie doggie picture!