Toil and Trouble Tuesday: D’Oh!

Trying to sell our house, we’ve gone out of our way to make it as attractive as possible. We wanted to attract buyers. Problem is, we attracted something else instead.

There are three cats who love our house more than their own and there’s a chipmunk who’s set and determined to be the next resident. But worse than either of them, are the fruit flies.

One tiny, innocent fruit fly appeared in our kitchen one day. Apparently, he liked what he saw because the next day he brought fifty-two of his closest friends.

Gross and annoying they may be, but I don’t like to kill them. So, I searched in Google and created a trap. You use plastic wrap and cover a small container that has juice or wine or vinegar, then poke holes into the plastic. The flies smell the juice and go in through the holes. Since they’re not exactly mental giants, they forget how they got in and can’t come out.

It worked like magic and soon there were ten of the little flies buzzing away inside the container. Determined to save their insect lives, I took them outside. I thought I’d release them back into the wild (aka my backyard) where they would live happily with others of their kind. It would be a beautiful, cathartic experience that would enrich my cosmic Karma and their experience with humankind. I even heard music playing in my head as I lifted the plastic wrap…

And they flew right back into the house.

Maybe I should wonder about my own mental capacity.