Of coffee and weather woes

We’re getting freezing rain. For those of you who are happily unaware of what freezing rain is, let me explain. It’s sucky. That’s what it is.

It’s basically water falling as rain but solidifying into solid ice as soon as it touches anything solid. Everything ends up covered by a sheet of ice. Trees, walkways, roofs, roads…everything.


(credit:SevereWeatherWiki - Wikispaces)

(credit:SevereWeatherWiki – Wikispaces)

For freezing rain to happen, there has to be a delicate combination of a warm air mass, followed by a colder layer mass to almost freeze it and just the right temperature in the air. The temperature is crucial, if it’s not right, it will melt. Here, in Canada, the temperature is often right.



Now, if you’re from the part of our lovely planet that’s warm, you might wonder why we Canadians moan about our weather over and over. I mean, how bad can it be?


Let’s just say that it’s a good thing we’re used to it. Canadian winters are…special. Along with freezing rain, we get lovely things like black ice, really cold temperatures, frostbite and blizzards.

My dogs, however, love winter. The colder it gets, the better they like it.

But we Canadians love to moan about the weather. Doing so creates a bond as we curse and grumble at the snow…usually over a cup of coffee. We even throw in some humour to lighten the dark days. Check out Infinitefreetime‘s version of Black Ice and you’ll see what I mean.

I want a pyjama day

We have freezing rain and ice pellets coming our way for the next two days. Open the weather website and you’re met by a wall of red followed by warnings of different types of dangerous weather approaching. If you’re courageous or crazy enough to drive anywhere, you find line ups so long those at the front still dress in 80’s gear.

I say, don’t fight it, surrender to it. Have a pyjama day.

A pyjama day involves one day of planning ahead of time. You need easy-to-prep food available, movies and/or books, writing stuff, drawing/painting stuff (or whatever-you-like-to-do-stuff) and clean, comfortable pjs (though jogging pants can do in a pinch).

A pyjama day is a day where you do nothing, nothing, that involves effort. You stay home, shower or not depending on mood, answer the phone or not, again depending on mood, and basically relax, read, watch TV and veg all day. It might sound ridiculous and silly but, when you work full-time, there are days when doing absolutely nothing is simply delicious.

A day of nothing but reading is something sent from heaven above. It’s specially nice if you have food ready for you in the fridge (There’s no way you can leave in pyjamas to go and get milk for coffee. This must be ready before you start your pyjama day). Or you can do nothing but sit and watch TV…or nothing but play with play dough if that’s your wish. A pyjama day is self-care to the extreme. Like an all-inclusive holiday, but at home.

I highly recommend one.