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This is for those among you who are authors. Positive Writer has this great compilation of fantastic blogs just for you. In fact, they have the top 50 from 2016 with their top posts ready for your inquisitive click.

Here’s the link:

And a huge, HUGE thank you to Positive Writer for that awesome gem of a post!


My latest #socialmedia antics, and everything I know about Twitter

What an amazing post! A big thank you to Gene’O for this excellent resource! I’ll let him do the talking because this is so worth the read.

Editing resources: Nathan Bransford

I’m deep inside the World of Editing. I’m reading, re-reading and hacking away at Amy’s Courage. It’s not easy. Like most writers, I hate editing. But it’s a necessity. It must be done.

What helps me is to break it down in to little pieces that are manageable and to believe I can do it. I’ve done it before. I can do it again. I don’t have to get it perfect right now, I just want progress.

It also helps if I have resources. And one of the best I’ve seen is Nathan Bransford. The guy is genius. He’s actually written a book on how to write a novel.

Here are some examples of Nathan’s amazing resources for editing: This is a revision check list to beat all checklists. If you can get through it, your novel will shine brighter than the sun. Awesome resource.

Do you have enough conflict? This is a biggie for me. I like to ramble (oops). Rambling is all fine and dandy with a friend, but it kills a story. A book needs conflict to keep it going. It’s like air. No conflict, death happens and quickly.

And this one is HUGE for me because once I develop my characters, they have backgrounds, histories, tone of voices and even favourite drinks! They’re so complete, they sometimes take over and drive the story where they want it to go and not where it needs to go.

What about you? Do you have some editing advice? Resources? I’d love to hear about them!

Coming up

Starting tomorrow, I’m putting up three posts with resources in a row. One is a great site full of resources (I mean FULL). The second one is on how to be happy writing. The third on how to write good dialogue and the fourth is on the best writing advice I ever got. Oh, did I say three? I meant four.

I’ve got them all set up, ready to go. I had an extra cup of coffee this morning and I felt that eager blogger feeling–either that or I’m really trying to avoid editing.

One more note. To make it easier for you to see and choose what you want in resources, I’ve created a little widget on the side bar: Resources for Writers. Now you can just go and click on your topic of interest and get the links. No fuss. The Resources page is still there, also available for you to use.

Post ideas for writers

There are times when I’ve struggled to come up with an idea for my blog that has something to do with writing. It’s all good and fine to write about my dog (and I do that) but I’d like to try and maintain a little bit of purpose to the blog. That requires that my posts be about writing, or reading or something related to either. Coming up with a topic on a daily basis can be challenging.

So, when I found this site, I thought: great ideas and they’re specifically for writers who blog. Awesome.

It’s really great because there are those days when I’m running between my day job, my hubby and our very hyper akita and I barely have time to eat dinner, let alone think about my blog. I know everyone has days like that. So this is a great resource.

And here’s another link that I thought was great! Michael Hyatt had this great post for ideas that are really great (also for writers! Yeey!)

Finally, Julie Jarnagin has a great post for writers who want ideas (101 of them!):

Reading them got me going. Certainly gave me some great ideas to use. I’m hoping they’ll help you out as well! Don’t worry if this post disappears, I’ve added these to the Resources page.

Great site for writers

This site is awesome. It has so many resources for writers! It’s is getting an immediate bookmark in my computer.

From author platforms to free advice to great links for writers, this site has it all. But don’t take my word for it, it won the Writer’s Digest best Site for Writers Award and Alliance of Independent Authors Award.

I thought I’d pass it on. We authors need all the friends and help we can get!