Ignore your novel

I’ve heard it said that an author should walk away from their novel and let it rest.  The advice goes something like this: ‘Did you just finish your draft? Good. Walk away and don’t touch it.’

Ahem. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t do that. I go from first draft into second immediately. No rest for this gal.

Is it a mistake?

Catharine Bramkamp claims it is in this great post. “…growing and nurturing the space between the first draft and the second draft is the most important thing you can do for your work.”

Linda S. Clare recommends the exact same thing in this post. “ I recommend letting it rest a month or more.”

They’re not alone. Here are a few others: CG Blake; Kay Kenyon. The idea is that, after a break, you’ll hit your work with fresh eyes.

That manuscript, you’ve just slaved over for months, is compared to bread dough.images-18

Apparently, it needs time to rise to its potential.

FD_1It’s certainly food for thought. 🙂


First Draft tips (3)

One more awesome link! This one comes thanks to the ladies at the Indie Author Group in Facebook: Valerie Douglas and D Kai Wilson-Viola. Not only did they come up with this awesome resource, they helped me by giving me the links!

These include tips for editing that would make any author proud. Great, great resource.



A big, big thanks to Valerie and Kai for sending their help this way!

First draft tips

I’m editing Amy’s Courage and I’m dragging my feet. Starting from the beginning and going through until the end is simply overwhelming. Handling a first draft is like trying to untangle Rapunzel’s hair, overwhelming.

Here are some tips I found helpful.

http://writetodone.com/first-draft-secrets-four-simple-steps/ I really liked this one because it chopped the massive task into little bits I could handle.

http://elizabethspanncraig.com/1559/approaching-messy-first-drafts/ This one was really good because it suggested how to go through the entire thing and make lists…and I love lists.

http://mysterywritingismurder.blogspot.ca/2011/10/moving-quickly-through-draft.html And this one was great because it had simple, easy tips I could like or discard.

http://bubblecow.net/tips-to-writing-a-great-second-draft-of-your-novel/. This one was filled with easy tips that made so much sense.

Finally, this one talks about placeholders. I use them. So, I like to know how to do that properly. http://www.darcypattison.com/revision/just-write-it-stop-second-guessing-until-you-revise/

How about you? How do you get from first draft to polished gem?

By the way, I’ve added these to the Resources side links. Hope they help!