The Beautiful Game…

It’s the World Cup. Soccer is just about everywhere now. Cars have flags waving proudly in the air cheering for their country of choice, people wear jerseys and, more often than not, someone is talking about this goal or that penalty. Soccer is in everyone’s mind.

I may live in the land of Hockey but there’s a magic, a beauty to Soccer that captures a lot of Canadians–even if its not done on ice. It’s such a simple game. Get the ball, put it in the net and don’t use your hands. Simple. And yet, so elegant.

It may be because I was born in Europe where futbol is more than a passion, it’s a religion, a culture and a way of life all at once. It may be because it’s so simple to understand yet mesmerizing to watch. It may be something completely different. Whatever the reason, I love it.

I was actually in Spain for the last World Cup. Wow. Those Spaniards know a thing or two about celebrating. That was one wild night.

I can’t wait to go out with some friends and cheer on a game.



Okay, I know. Those pictures are ridiculous self-indulgence. But they’re so cute!!

Here’s a real soccer picture.


It truly is such a beautiful game.



Posts I loved this week

During a week when we listed our home, these wonderful posts kept me smiling through hectic, insane times. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

I re-blogged these photos from the feature Silent Sunday (one and two) because I just couldn’t stop admiring them. Incredibly beautiful, they are both simple and elegant. A big thank you to Sourcerer and The Writing Catalog for sharing these. They’re absolutely stunning.

This one was not only well written, it was useful. We’re moving and my writing time is disappearing. This post has really great ideas to maximize time. A big thank you to LKR for the post!

Definitely one to read, this post is on the 5 biggest barriers to gaining a great Social Media presence. Since I believe Social Media is very important, I certainly appreciated the post! Thank you Kissmetrics!

One blog I never miss is Infinitefreetime. His posts are never predictable, funny and always entertaining–sort of the same as the book The Benevolence Archives Vol.1. You be the judge with this post or this one.

If you’re looking for blogging tips, look no further. Sourcerer selflessly shared theirs in this great post. A big thanks for those great how-to lists!

I loved this post because not only is it a list, it’s a book list. Top books read so far means recommendations. I love finding new books to read. Yum! Thank you so much, Part Time Monster!

Funny writing myths that I used to believe…ahem. A big thanks to Jeff Elkins for the great post!

I loved this post because waiting for replies from publishers is sooo hard to do. This post helped me not feel alone and gave me ideas on how to send those letters and not worry.

I laughed at this post by Nathan Bransford because I could relate and I found the way he put it really funny. I love a laugh.

An absolutely inspiring post on hashtags. Powerful, moving and really well written, this is an awesome post. A big thanks to Sourcerer for re-blogging it and to Rose B. Fisher for the post!

And finally, a bit of self-indulgence…Fifa…ahhhh! Sooo good! The Beautiful Game is back!