Top reads of 2019

If you happen to have extra time and want a good read, here are the recommendations from the top book sellers both in Canada and the US.

Chapters’ top 50 books of 2019 are here. I can personally vouch for number 2 as I have read it and found it outstanding.

Barnes and Noble’s top 100 bestsellers of 2019 are here. Super exciting to have that reference list and links to know a bit more about those books.

Good Housekeeping has their own list here. And there are some that are included in all three. Those must be amazing!

Do you have a favourite book of 2019 to recommend? Mine would have to be the Testaments. I just absolutely loved it.

The Testaments: A Novel by Margaret AtwoodWhy am I rambling about this now? Well, I’m planning to sneak to the bookstore tomorrow. Hubby is at work, you see and I’m free to play…I’m thinking Chapters and a lovely cup of coffee. Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

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What are you reading now?

I’ll be honest, I’m re-reading Lover Reborn by J.R.Ward. I’m absolutely obsessed with this author. She’s just superb and I love–LOVE–her books. Actually, to be completely honest, love doesn’t seem to cover it. My idea of heaven is a large room without disruptions where I could read her books over and over without stopping to eat or drink or sleep…Ahhhh. Did I mention she’s releasing a new book in April? Sigh. I can’t wait. It looks so good.

What are you reading and loving at the moment?

This is J.R.Ward’s upcoming release: The King. Doesn’t the cover look absolutely, terrifying awesome? I’m shaking with excitement and we’re a ways away still.