A great monday

Well, work sucked today but…I worked out when I got home and had this lovely drink as a reward when I finished.

If you’re interested in the drink, check out this site.

One glorious walk

The sun was shining and we were walking. Sure, it was cold enough to merit snow pants and a toque but it was sunny! So, off we went.

I added a new loop to our route and now we have a nice little walk. With my two trusty pooches on leashes and Ocean with her backpack, we set off.

And it was really lovely.

There’s something really special about walking outside, hearing the early morning birds and feeling the sun on your face. At least, I loved it. Both my doggies seem to be exhausted after the walk but I think it was as good for them as it was for me. Motion is lotion, as a friend of mine likes to say.

Still, lotion or not, they’re dead to the world now.

I need to go for a run

Today was…well, special. In my day job, I work with the public and, while some people are wonderful, others are…interesting. My motto for dealing with people is to be nice and, if they’re horrible, to unleash my greatest weapon: ‘kill them with kindness’. When they insult me, praise them; when they’re irrational and demanding, support them; when they’re angry, be kind. I try to melt away their anger, to tell them how they make sense and to validate their process. It really works. Most times, that anger hides an incredible amount of pain. Give them a little support and the hardest, meanest people turn into sniffing, insecure teddy bears.

I just need to make sure I vent out my own feelings because there are times when I’d like to kick someone. Since I can’t, I go to my elliptical.

I love my machine. My hubby encouraged me to buy it and it’s one of those purchases I absolutely adore. It’s in a large room in our basement facing a big window and just waiting…for me. No one has used it, no one has sweated on it, I don’t have to wait for someone to finish working out, I don’t have to worry about what I’m wearing, I can work out whenever I want and it’s impact free, so I can go for as long as I want.

To say it’s awesome doesn’t even cover it.

On the elliptical, I run with our dogs (even those who’re now gone), and run marathons and shout at imaginary giants and unleash all the bottled issues I’ve carried all day. With my favourite music in my little iPod, I run and then I run some more. Afterwards, I feel like a million dollars, the issues of the day seem ridiculously simple and, at night, I’m guaranteed a great sleep.

Oh, and, as another bonus, I’m healthier and sport great muscles. Yeey!

What do you do to feel free and fit?

My favourite heroines

Looking back through books, I have to say the ladies I loved the most were the ones I could best relate to. Empowered women, or those who work for a living, those who love their pets were some of my favourites. And I certainly like a heroine who exercises.

Expecting the main lady in a historical to exercise is just simply silly. Back then, not only did women not exercise, they didn’t even study math or science–just in case it turned them into men. I even wonder if men worked out. Certainly not the way we do today, with a focus on fitness. They might have enjoyed riding or walking but not with the sole purpose of developing muscles.

But when I read a contemporary or a paranormal, I hope the lady of the book does more than waltz. I hope she can stand up for herself and not just in a literal way. I don’t want her to be ridiculously built or be a menace to people but if she can hold her own, all the better to like her.

Personally, I exercise when the mood strikes. I love my elliptical and I weight train but I don’t do it every day. Still, I like it enough that when I find a heroine that jogs, or one that lifts weights (I have never, ever read about a woman who lifted weights in a romance story but…here’s hoping), I can relate. In fact, I like her better for taking care of herself. 

Strong, healthy women are truly beautiful.