Before and after

I don’t usually cook.

I get all nervous and tend to make mistakes. They’re never little, tiny ones, either. Once, I somehow switched water for oil in an instant version of stuffing. The result looked more like something from The Walking Dead than anything you want on your plate.

This time, I got the measurements confused and instead of 6 teaspoons of sugar, I added 6 cups of the stuff.

Undeterred, I tried again under the careful eye of my hubby who was still recuperating from his encounter with a wasp’s nest. And we got this.





Yes, they’re edible. Success at last!

Toil and Trouble Tuesday: Washing woes

After three years of owning this machine and tossing in the soap with the clothes, yesterday, I discovered this:


A drawer to dispense the soap, bleach and softener.

Enough said.