Review: Dark Angel / Lord Carew’s Bride

I love Mary Balogh. I joked with a friend that I would happily read her address book as long as she wrote it. It’s a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea. Anything that’s got her name on it is an automatic-buy for me. She’s really that good.

This book is no exception. Best of all, there are two stories in it so you get double your pleasure for the price of one. In the first one, we meet Jennifer Winwood who gets caught in the middle of a long standing feud between two men. I agonized for her because, back in those days, there was nothing worse a woman could lose than her reputation. Still, there’s a happy ending for her and it’s as beautiful as only Mary Balogh can write.

Then we meet Samantha Newman and hers is a story of the beauty and the beast–one of my favourites. I won’t reveal too much except to say that though these stories are short, they are anything but rushed and the quality that brings me back to Mary Balogh is there in spades.

Ah…historical romance. It’s love with history and it all happens in England. What could be better?


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