Pay It Forward Friday: D. Emery Bunn

Pay It Forward Fridays came from this post by Emily Guido. The idea is to feature a blogger or author on Fridays and give them a little shoutout. Anyone goes as long as they’re interested.

I’ve received an incredible amount of support from bloggers, authors and people I’ve met on line who didn’t know me and were just very kind, supportive souls. And, when I read that post by Emily Guido, I thought: time to give back.

I loved this quote from Emily’s mother:

“I cast a couple of pieces of bread on the water and the waves bring me back a ham sandwich.”

Karma is a beautiful thing.

Today I’m focusing on D. Emery Bunn.


D. Emery says this of himself:

“D. Emery Bunn is an author, editor, and engineer, though his pile of interests keep on getting larger. He got his start on writing thanks to National Novel Writing Month, and is an avid supporter of free culture, the power of writing, and the creative arts. Darkness Concealed is his first novel, but he will be working on the sequel and a cyberpunk short story collection. He lives at his home in Clovis, New Mexico.”

D. Emery is the author of Darkness Concealed, the first book in the Darkness Trilogy. (Click on cover to buy the book). I read this book, found it fantastic and reviewed it.


Here’s a little blurb about the book:

“50 years ago, the dawn did not come. Again. Everyone in Telthan knew it would happen. Monsters roamed the land, killing virtually everyone in their path, laying waste to anything in their way. Only a precious few survived to rebuild the wreckage of civilization, just like last time. No one questions the Darkening. Not even the children.

That is, until four strangers set off in search of answers, braving a forbidden city, a forgotten library, and foreboding mountains for the truth that has to exist. But the past does not give up its secrets easily, and the truth is far darker than the blackest night.”

D. Emery Bunn has in-depth analysis of his book and characters in this page in his blog. He also gave interviews and answered questions–though no one has yet found out what the D. stands for in his name. 😀

That’s not all, D. Emery has written several other short stories based on this premise:


A near-future cyberpunk dystopia/utopia, where thanks to advances in technology on all fronts the government is able to enforce a directive to have all of society be within a pre-defined “normal” that is handled by a computer algorithm.  Those below the norm get free upgrades, while those above get two choices: colonize the solar system and never see earth again, or accept dampeners to be returned to normal.  In return, all of society is allowed to indulge in pretty much anything they want to, unwanted work handled by machines of some variety.

This isn’t popular with everyone,  so a black market of illegal augmentations and people willing to use them exists.  Every illegal aug, as they call themselves, has to be very careful on not ever being exposed for the deviant they are, as all caught deviants are shipped to the asteroid belt for a term of forced labor proportionate to their deviation from the norm they had at time of capture, then they are released to colonize space.  One twist to the setting is that government surveillance is illegal and thanks to several unalterable algorithms impossible to do so without getting caught.  Any deviant is reported by normals who got suspicious of the person’s behavior.  So 1984 without telescreens.”

These three are based on Rachel and April,

This one is based on Stephen Tesoro, Deviant Enforcer.

Between editing, Beta Reading and writing, D. Emery is a busy guy but I was lucky enough to get him to help me edit my book and I can honestly say, he was an incredible editor. Professional, sharp as a tack at finding my mistakes and dead on in his comments, his help transformed my book. I vowed never to let anything I wrote see the light of day unless it had gone through D. Emery first.

He can be found through his blog or on Twitter @DEmeryBunn.

If you’re looking for a great editor or a fantastic book, check out D. Emery Bunn!